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  • colin colin Apr 27, 2013 11:13 Flag

    Andy Carrol needed for start of next season ?

    Think Louis Suarez 10 match suspension six coming at start of next season really does put Andy in the frame to come back and prove hes the man and make himself an indispensible Anfield HERO !

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    • Would it be good to have him back? Maybe. Can he fit in? I'm not so sure for reasons I and others have already given. What's to stop west Ham buying him. The amount is already agreed, they've just got to come through on the deal. Personally I would rather have Jordan Rhodes - even more than Remy.

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      • Tend to agree with you on whether Andy would fit in or not. I just look at what we did on Saturday and ask if it was AC rather than Sturridge leading the line would we look better, worse or about the same?

        I'm a fan of AC, and really did want him to work out with us last season. But I've got to ask does his style of play, which is effective if the side is built around it, fit with how we play now? Sturridge was effective not just because he was clinical, but because he had great movement getting himself open. The second goal it was a wonderful layoff to Courtinho then rather than stand around and admire his work, it was quickly move to receive the return pass and set up Henderson for a tap in. Even the Borini goal, was some clever movement in the box to move back away from the goal to get himself wide open for Downing's cut back. Andy is powerful, in the air or on the shoulder of the last defender. He's also got one heck of a shot, but does he offer the movement we saw Saturday?

        I don't want to write AC off, however I'm just not certain he is the ideal fit, especially considering both how we're playing right now, and as Loki says who might be available this summer. But I'd give him the preseason, see how he does, and see if he can make an impact. I'm sure Andy does not want to be an impact only player, but he'll need to prove he can be part of a plan A. But in the meantime if we get offers or WHU want him under the terms already agreed I think we have to look at them, and maybe move on while wishing the big man good luck in the future.

      • The one thing our Reds lack......especially on corners and set pieces.....is a large tall physical prescence to head crosses effectively. If Andy can fill this role , and he DID NOT in his previous stint with the club......then he can be a valuable weapon for Liverpool. The lad needs to be more aggressive , needs to bully his way to goals.

        At any rate....Hammers have stated that they will only go 10 Mil. If that is in fact the case then bring him back to Anfield and hopefully he will use his physical tools more effectively this time around, But DO NOT sell him for 10 Mil. If they'll double that then OK.....coin to spend on new blood. If I'm misinformed on the asking price then please let me know. But don't let him go cheap.


    • It's certainly an opportunity for the big man. It's going to be such an important close and pre season for us.

      - Carroll needs to prove himself or leave
      - New blood needed. Quality needed to boot.
      - Sort Suarez out one way or another
      - Continue to remove dead wood from the squad.
      - keep control of the wage bill