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  • Hobitez Hobitez Apr 29, 2013 11:10 Flag

    Coutinho - the best AM in the EPL?

    He is looking pretty special so far, very excited to see how a full pre season will benefit him, he should fly next year. Don't know if he is better then those players but he can be our Mata/Silva/Carzola style playmaker. BR' signings seem to improve everytime, not too hard I guess having started with Borini!

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    • Let's not get carried away guys... He's "too small, short and lightweight"... err oops..

      He's got the ability, as you can see, to be world class, and while Oscar has gotten all the plaudits, granted he's been in England for longer, you can see why Coutinho will be equally as good, perhaps better and back into the Brazil squad.

      He has completed a full 90" 3 times already, so when he comes off, it's a matter of treating him like Sterling, though he's far more advanced having well over 100 appearances with Inter, Espanyol, Brazil and now LFC. From a Serie A point of view were: A- Inter didn't play him enough at all, or employ a system that suits him, and B- he's a little bit too quick and skilled with the ball to play there.. That might not make sense, there's no room for all the dribbling skills with the slower pace and emphasis/skill of defending. But he's finding it for fun so far in England.. Time in Italy def helped him.

      He can basically play anywhere along the front 3/4 & once he adds more goals to his locker, anyone who had any ridiculous comments about him prior to arriving, or after 1-2 avg. games will feel really silly... And, regarding strength, if anyone recalls his second assist, he shoulder barged Ben Arfa (similar size yes, stronger, experienced no) to the ground, won the ball and side footed his pass into Sturridge.. It was World all the way around.

      Imagine if we'd gotten him in the summer?!? Hard to say this or that, but if he'd come on, stayed fit, you could only ponder the assists/goals he'd have or created by now.. Sigh..