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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 29, 2013 14:18 Flag

    Coutinho - the best AM in the EPL?

    Let's not big the man up too much as he'll have a poor outing sooner or later and the boo boys will be writing him off. But I have to agree the signs are there for all to see.

    I'm not so sure however about the behind the front 2 however. Only because from Saturday I have to also give a lot of credit to Henderson who was the player interchanging with Coutinho allowing him to pop up in the middle with so much space. Between them they pulled the Newcastle RB so he did not know if he was coming or going forcing Taylor to decide if he should try and follow the young Brazilian, taking all shape out of the back line, or let him roam. So for me he's one of those players it really does not matter where he lines up, so long as the brief is to move to find space, and the players next to him and behind him fill in when needed.

    But I'd also add I don't think we've seen close to his best yet. First off the lad is only 20, so potentially has a lot more to learn as he matures as a player. But second I don't think the lad has completed a full 90 minutes since he's been with us, which suggests he's actually not fully fit. Maybe not surprising as he was not getting much playing time in Italy, plus there is a physical curve to get up moving to a faster more physical league. However after a full preseason of conditioning, I'm wondering if we might actually see another gear that he can move into.