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  • Loki Loki Apr 28, 2013 22:32 Flag

    Rhodes or Remy?

    I quite like what I have seen of Remy, but I am convinced that Jordan Rhodes is the one for us. He will be quite a bit cheaper too! I think he is the closest thing to Shearer there is - that boy is deadly. Remy looks too mch like Sturridge to me and as Colin says, we need a different mix of strikers. Can you imagine a strike force of Suarez, Sturridge, Rhodes and Carroll (perhaps). That would have elements to satisfy all tastes.

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    • I think Remy is the one for me, I know what your saying about him and Sturridge being similar sort of players but I think he is quite versatile and has played the wings as well. For £8m, he will be a snip but then again, his wages are surely going to be astromical.