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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 29, 2013 21:07 Flag

    Some Defender Thoughts / Comments..

    Interesting comments Jason. I can only respond to those who play in England as I really don't follow much other football. I'll also leave Williams out of the conversation other than to say he'd be on my list of consideration, while I understand he might not be on other peoples lists' for various reasons.

    Samaba I agree. To be honest I doubt FSG would go for him due to the age and wages, but you've got to wonder why he's not played much for QPR despite the big song and dance when he came from Russia.

    Lescott I think is one we have to look without the prejudice that he used to play for Everton. I don't rate him high enough to be a first choice CB for us, or any club aspiring for top 4, but could be a worthy back up. However, age is against him which would make FSG nervous, and I'm sure the wages would be an issue also. So for me costs a lot but does not deliver much, and I'd rather see a kiddie take the back up role. A youngster might be accident prone, but can't be much worse than Lescott.

    Skrtel I'd try and keep. Only if its the player who wants out would I consider selling (unless someone comes in with silly money of course). I know there has been much talk about why he was dropped, but end of the day no matter how well he might be doing behind the scenes in training, the fact is the two CB's currently starting just have not given BR much of a reason to try another option. So I'd discount the conspiracy theories out there about him wanting out (till I actually hear him say it) and remind people sometimes very good players end up on the bench for the simple reason another very good player (in this case Carra) is just playing too well to give the bench-warmer a chance. But is that not what we want when we talk about wanting more depth in the squad?

    Coates I'd not give up on yet, again unless its the player who wants out. And, on that front what happens to Suarez may determine what happens in this players mind. But he does need football both for himself and for us to judge whether he can ever get up to speed and be a factor in our squad. I'd prefer he want to another prem side, but would also consider the championship where he'd get lots of games, and while the pace might not be quite as fast, he would get a real taste for the physical side of the English game.

    Caulker I think is a non starter. Yes I'd take him, but so would many others, which is exactly why Spurs won't want to give him up.