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  • Jason Jason May 1, 2013 23:24 Flag

    Some Defender Thoughts / Comments..

    It seems like it's going to happen, I don't have any inside info or confirmation from my make believe magic elf, like last summer, but I've seen some things here, and Hobsey seems onto it, esp if he's in the area. The one positive is that he's on a free, but even then, taking away quality (which none of us know for sure but assume) has a big negative in that he's been frozen out of the squad not for turning down the contracts, but demanding massive wages.. So, the only thing he does in this instance, since we won't be giving him those type of wages, is provide a body and maybe a surprise, since Danny Wilson, Seb Coates, obv Carra, and from what I read, sadly, Skrtel will all be out the door. We have Kelly and Wisdom in the mix, so again, if he comes in on small wages and a small sign on fee, whatever.. I'm not going to get carried away with him/Reading/Rodgers, and just see what happens..

    With all our talent and youth, the one area where we aren't blessed in the reserves aside from Wisdom and Sama, is Central Defender, so for all we know, he's going to come on as a body for better training in between our 2nd team and reserves.. I guess in American football terms, a "tackling dummy".. Hopefully the board and such aren't up in arms and ready to burn BR's house down, w/o seeing it really happen, and the plan for it..

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    • I think he is just a 'getting the numbers in' kinda signing if it is true. Reading made a final offer to him of £18k a week and he turned it down being in his last year with Pavlyuchenko earning £50k a week, Guthrie £40k, Kebe £35k etc he obviously felt being the player of the year that he was worth more which by the logic you would think he was. He would probably be looking at £35k a week at ours which would pretty much make him exclusive back up. It would be suggestive that Kelly wasn't seen as a centre half for the immediate future or perhaps more likely, his fitness is not yet to be trusted as good as he might be. I am sure a bigger names centre half is likely to appear if Skrtel is being shipped out but perhaps it is just a bit of the sensible business that will run alongside the 'star player' business.