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  • Jason Jason May 3, 2013 19:40 Flag

    Some Defender Thoughts / Comments..

    Yes I was a big fan of Skrtel, but his form dipped and Carra's oddly, has gotten better like a fine bottle of wine, so perhaps at this point he's just forced to wait.. I did read some things Skrtel had said, and sadly I think he'll go, but if he can't fit the mold or regain his form and his money brings us someone else, then so be it.. As far as the bad blood thing, I think you're looking for smoke where there's no fire..

    I don't think there's any bad blood from BR and Andy, he simply came out from the very get go and said he isn't the type of player that fits his style. You absolutely love Carroll, and I'm sure you would back him as prime minister of England, perhaps the entire UK, but after that game vs Newcastle, which was one of the fastest, quickest displays I can ever remember, I can't find one single way to even delude myself to say how Andy would have fit in there.. It would take me 3 bottles of Whiskey to have imagined it..

    But getting back to the bad blood thing, nothing in it for me mate, and if you recall a certain 3 players, Downing, Enrique, Henderson all verbally and publically subjected to Brendan's criticism and how he felt he could motivate them... Has it worked? Enrique has been like an attacking Winger, Downing has become an amazing asset, and Jordan the best season of his life, and all 3 players came out publically and said that BR's tongue lashing gave them a kick up the backside and helped them.

    If Andy comes back and is kept on as a alternative, and the money works, so be it, but as far as Skrtel, for as much as I rated him all these years, if he's also said things, you have to remember it's a two way street, and EVERY manager has a go at their team and players at one point or another.. I think your disdain for Rodgers tends to cloud some of the actual realism, and again, I point to Downing, Enrique, Henderson and even his firm words that Sturridge would never decide how/where he plays, or even when, and he's done quite well I'd say.. Even Sterling too, and he re-signed for long term..

    Try to consider all options and a big picture, and while you don't like him, you might as well accept he's the manager for the foreseeable future, and maybe you will get Andy back. Rodgers hasn't said otherwise. Plus you don't know if the owners/Ayre are the ones who are forcing his hand there.. Just food for thought my friend..

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    • Jason just to get one thing clear I dont regard BR with disdain just Im not the biggest fan ...Im not convinced by his tici taca is the universal answer to all tactical problems too simplistic for me mate and if u check my posts over the last couple months before the Semis of ECLC Ive been advocating a style of "showing the ball" and running past a man to open up a free man somewhere else on the pitch themoment u pass that man challenging u...in effect running at defenses and passing men exactly what we saw the Germans do in the ECLC Semis...its a better version of pass and move than Br HAS HE JUST WANTS PATIENT BUILD UP FROM THE BACK WITH LESS RISK OF LOSS OF POSSESSION....DULL...BORING....He thinks hes reinvented the game and Barca style tici taca is the answer when he doesnt have the players to pursue such a strategy.

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      • Just a thought but would you say the Henderson goal against Newcastle fit that description? Sturridge to Coutinho, keep moving to get the ball back, and a fast charging Henderson running into the open space to get the tap in!

        Actually seen a few moves like that recently from the boy, not all come off I grant you, but while they do the pass it around possession game, they can be rather attack minded also.

      • I haven't found our football dull and boring considering we are 3rd in the Prem in goals scored, and have more away goals scored than the .. We've scored 5 goals on 5 occasions, and 6 goals, which I can't recall the last time that happened at LFC in a league game in many a year.. If that's boring, then I'm not sure what words I could use to describe our 0-1 defeats last year at Anfield in the run in. Personally, I don't care if we played Wrexham and won 6-0, it was thrilling and exciting for 90" and I could have watched until we won 15-0 for another 90"

        Rodgers said after the match, one which we only had 48% to Newcastle's 52%, showing we were more concerned with moving and attacking rather than possession, that his main objective was to press teams high, early and play in the attacking half. I think whether or not you like that answer, or the stats I've just provided, if we'd signed Coutinho, Sturridge, and perhaps Dempsey from day 1, we'd all be in a very happy boat right now, and Rodgers still doesn't have the horses to fully run his race..

        To play high and press for 90", in the prem, is an amazingly difficult task, and while I've seen Loki say it over and over, and I will too, we are not playing Tiki Taka apples to apples like Barcelona does.. in fact, we're lining up in a 4-2-3-1, with 2 strikers (when Suarez is available) and attacking wide players.. Barca plays with a false 9 and 6 midfielders many times, others with wide strikers in Villa, Pedro, Alexis, all NOT true goal scoring strikers aside from Villa in his prime, which has passed. They were also torn apart by the best team in the world at the moment, Bayern, in addition to not having Messi available, extremely old legs in the midfield with Xavi / Iniesta, and flat out terrible defending.. Barcelona recently haven't looked like they could beat a mid table Prem team on their best day..

        So, with Sterling being only 17 and really worn down, Coutinho capable of playing 90, but certainly needing to bulk/toughen up, and adding in 2-3 more players up front, we cannot press all the teams the way he's said he wants, until he has the bodies to do so vs everyone.

        A lot of what you're saying applies more to what he did at Swansea, and it certainly did the job for them securing their top flight status, where they actually finished either 2 or 4 points behind us, which tells a few stories, especially considering his options were Danny Graham, Gylfi Sigurdsson up top.. not exactly Sturridge and Suarez, plus whoever else he might bring in.