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    Some Defender Thoughts / Comments..

    I'm not even listing Ashley Williams because he's had several posts devoted to him, and it's just bound to be an argument and take away from the rest when there are plenty to talk about.

    I've been taking a look at all the names that have a serious mention with "LFC" either via player or agent, and then 2-3 of my own, who may have also been in rumors..

    First, Samba.. He was a 12.5M purchase, 120K weekly, and in past 3 weeks playing, has 1 own goal, 2 give aways in the box for goals, a 57% clearance rate, shockingly poor and only a 67% tackle percentage. Too much money, too slow, not good on the ball, AND on Sat, he tweeted "Morning people hope we get the 3points we need.", only thing is that QPR's match was Sunday, so he didn't even know when they were playing AND he wasn't in the squad, reason given, illness and knee.. I say bullisht . NO NO NO

    - Mobido Diakite of Lazio, France youth Int'l.. He and his agent have mentioned LFC several times, and I watched some video of him, since I don't watch Lazio when watching Serie A, and despite his footage looking good, and a big powerful lad, one thing stood out.. not a single start all year for Lazio!! NO NO!

    - Mahmadou Sahko of PSG - He would be my absolute number one choice, but PSG said he's absolutely not for sale. We hear that all the time, but PSG were 1 goal away from the final 4 of the Champions League, and they're not letting quality players go, and he's young while Alex is getting on in age. Sorry for us, but no chance..

    - Joleon Lescott - If he's going anywhere, prob Everton. I think he's a little more solid than I give him credit for, but nothing spectacular for me, and he plays the left side which wouldn't work w/ Agger, and when he makes mistakes, they tend to be really bad ones such.. For me, no thanks..

    - Martin Skrtel - What to do, what to do ?? I'm a huge fan, last year he was obviously incredible, he didn't seem to have too bad a start aside from the City mistake, and then he was dropped, brought in and dropped and his form gone. He said some things and I think he's had a falling out with BR, so sadly, I think he'll go, and read Zenit his former club really want him.. I suppose 10-12M would be hard to turn down if a good replacement presents himself.

    - Coates - For me, either a year long loan at a good European side, or somewhere in the EPL, not outside the league/continent, or just a straight sale. His class with Uruguay and Internacional has never translated aside from a few moments like the QPR goal, and some FA Cup action..

    - Stefan De Vrij of Feyenoord - This one's a rumor, recently become a Netherlands first choice, and in addition to his size, good strength, skill on the ball, he's only 22! For me, if he's available, absolutely yes!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8YvwKwfOog Could see him 12-15M

    - Toby Alderweireld of Ajax - Rumor too, BUT Ajax director has said Liverpool have been the most frequent visitors in regards to scouts, and we're all talking about Christian Eriksen, but I think he's very realistic, in addition to having said this:http://espnfc.com/news/story/_/id/1405324/alderweireld-states-desire-join-liverpool?campaign=rss&source=soccernet&cc=5901 He's big, quick, very good on the ball, and he competes at Belgium for a 1st spot with Kompany, Vertoghen, and Vermaelen.. Absolutely yes for me, and I think very realistic, maybe 10M ish..

    **Wild Card - Steven Caulker.. I don't know what Spurs plans for him are, nor if they' sell to us, but if he was available, I think he'd be a really good one. He partnered with that other guy at Swans last season, and combined for 16 clean sheets, is only 21, will be a future England 1st teamer and quite experienced for his age.. Unlikely but worth a shout IMO..

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    • Interestingly we had been searching for good cover at left back for quite some time the real talent at Swansea is left back 20yr old Ben Davies of course all we show an interest in is that dud Ashley Williams while the smart guys track Davies and of course he also fits the bill for FSG policy of buy young and watch value increase instead we go after an ageing centre back called Ashley.

    • Jason u like Skrtel me too and I see bad blood between him and Brenda and thats another disaster along the lines of his bad blood with Andy C...when is all this nonesense going to stop ?

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      • Colin,
        Yes I was a big fan of Skrtel, but his form dipped and Carra's oddly, has gotten better like a fine bottle of wine, so perhaps at this point he's just forced to wait.. I did read some things Skrtel had said, and sadly I think he'll go, but if he can't fit the mold or regain his form and his money brings us someone else, then so be it.. As far as the bad blood thing, I think you're looking for smoke where there's no fire..

        I don't think there's any bad blood from BR and Andy, he simply came out from the very get go and said he isn't the type of player that fits his style. You absolutely love Carroll, and I'm sure you would back him as prime minister of England, perhaps the entire UK, but after that game vs Newcastle, which was one of the fastest, quickest displays I can ever remember, I can't find one single way to even delude myself to say how Andy would have fit in there.. It would take me 3 bottles of Whiskey to have imagined it..

        But getting back to the bad blood thing, nothing in it for me mate, and if you recall a certain 3 players, Downing, Enrique, Henderson all verbally and publically subjected to Brendan's criticism and how he felt he could motivate them... Has it worked? Enrique has been like an attacking Winger, Downing has become an amazing asset, and Jordan the best season of his life, and all 3 players came out publically and said that BR's tongue lashing gave them a kick up the backside and helped them.

        If Andy comes back and is kept on as a alternative, and the money works, so be it, but as far as Skrtel, for as much as I rated him all these years, if he's also said things, you have to remember it's a two way street, and EVERY manager has a go at their team and players at one point or another.. I think your disdain for Rodgers tends to cloud some of the actual realism, and again, I point to Downing, Enrique, Henderson and even his firm words that Sturridge would never decide how/where he plays, or even when, and he's done quite well I'd say.. Even Sterling too, and he re-signed for long term..

        Try to consider all options and a big picture, and while you don't like him, you might as well accept he's the manager for the foreseeable future, and maybe you will get Andy back. Rodgers hasn't said otherwise. Plus you don't know if the owners/Ayre are the ones who are forcing his hand there.. Just food for thought my friend..

    • All the stories down here in Reading are that Alex Pearce has actually signed a pre contract with Liverpool so will have to see how that unfolds over the next couple of days. I would assume that would suggest he is being brought as a squaddie rather then an upgrade!

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      • Waste of money on yet more squad dross when is all this nonesense going to end and we start buying in World Class with what our transfer budget is instead of wasting it on bums like this guy from Reading ???

      • I've seen a similar thing Hobs. Not sure how that works at all to be honest and it worries me. I can't see how it brings any value or improvement to the squad at all. He hasn't played for Reading in a little while.

        Pearce (Actually any Reading defender) is to me what Ashley Williams is to Colin. The few times I've seen reading they really lack pace at the back, centrall anyway.

        Perhaps Colin is right about this going back to sign old familiar players thing. I hope I'm wrong and Pearce turns out to be a very good purchase but this one worries me a little.

    • A big consideration is that next year is World Cup year. So, players fighting for a place in the team are not going to sit around on the bench. So, some may decide to move on.

    • The one that scares me is I keep seeing Alex Pearce being linked to Liverpool. He is only 24 and on a free contract but he doesn't have many fans in the Reading crowd so it seems a bit strange to be honest. There is so many centre halves being banded around but sometimes I have to think the grass just is not always greener. Martin Skrtel has proven in the past many times that he and Agger have a great understanding, he was our player of the year last season and I think for a centre half to come in and be better them him is the minimum requirement, not many of the players in the list can assure that! What I have seen of Sakho, he looks like he might be better, would take a big bid for us to persuade PSG to sell. I would assume there is the likelihood that they will again look themselves for an upgrade to partner Silva so it is not beyond the realms of possibility.

      As we have most said many times before, I think Wisdom and Kelly could easily take Coates role in the squad, Carra's is a bit different so I only think we need to bring in the one centre back. It is such a difficult one to get right.

    • Interesting comments Jason. I can only respond to those who play in England as I really don't follow much other football. I'll also leave Williams out of the conversation other than to say he'd be on my list of consideration, while I understand he might not be on other peoples lists' for various reasons.

      Samaba I agree. To be honest I doubt FSG would go for him due to the age and wages, but you've got to wonder why he's not played much for QPR despite the big song and dance when he came from Russia.

      Lescott I think is one we have to look without the prejudice that he used to play for Everton. I don't rate him high enough to be a first choice CB for us, or any club aspiring for top 4, but could be a worthy back up. However, age is against him which would make FSG nervous, and I'm sure the wages would be an issue also. So for me costs a lot but does not deliver much, and I'd rather see a kiddie take the back up role. A youngster might be accident prone, but can't be much worse than Lescott.

      Skrtel I'd try and keep. Only if its the player who wants out would I consider selling (unless someone comes in with silly money of course). I know there has been much talk about why he was dropped, but end of the day no matter how well he might be doing behind the scenes in training, the fact is the two CB's currently starting just have not given BR much of a reason to try another option. So I'd discount the conspiracy theories out there about him wanting out (till I actually hear him say it) and remind people sometimes very good players end up on the bench for the simple reason another very good player (in this case Carra) is just playing too well to give the bench-warmer a chance. But is that not what we want when we talk about wanting more depth in the squad?

      Coates I'd not give up on yet, again unless its the player who wants out. And, on that front what happens to Suarez may determine what happens in this players mind. But he does need football both for himself and for us to judge whether he can ever get up to speed and be a factor in our squad. I'd prefer he want to another prem side, but would also consider the championship where he'd get lots of games, and while the pace might not be quite as fast, he would get a real taste for the physical side of the English game.

      Caulker I think is a non starter. Yes I'd take him, but so would many others, which is exactly why Spurs won't want to give him up.