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  • Colyn Colyn Apr 29, 2013 21:44 Flag

    FA Report on Suarez

    The FA were in a mess over this because they wanted to be seen to be treating the incident harder. Remember he got a 7 game ban in Holland for the same offence and the FA did not want to be seen giving a lesser ban than they did. That to me makes sense.

    Where it all falls down though is when you see some really nasty, potential career ending challenges and the like and they are either ignored or given a lesser punishment. I'd personally rather have a bite mark on my arm than being in hospital awaiting surgery on a some knee or ligament damage that may mean I never play again. Jim Beglin knows this all too well sadly.

    Then there's the argument that whether the incident deserves more of a ban than the incident with Evra? That's where it gets tough. Of course we see that Defoe got away with it completely. Ok a yellow card I believe.

    To me the guy needs some help, mentally and this was an opportunity for the FA to step in. A shorter ban with a some form of training / therapy and a suspended part of a further ban may have been more productive.

    It also riles me that everyone is lauding Gareth Bale for winning the two PFA awards. Yes they were deserved but some of his theatrics seem to have been glossed over (He is the new golden boy) while others still have that noose around their neck.

    Oh what games the media play with us....................

    • The report is now on the FA website, and worth a read, although it might leave you scratching your head.

      I hear what your saying about the previous case in Holland, however the report specifically stated they did not take into account any prior infringements and had the brief only to look at this case in isolation. That is why it really is fair to say the FA ranks a single case of Racism as less of an offense as tipping a ref, followed by multiple incidents or racial abuse, but worst of all is a single bite.

      In deciding the actual sanction they disregarded the number of examples Suarez's representatives provided as examples of violent conduct because they stated "We were mindful that, in a game of football, the coming together of opposing players and physical bodily contacts in challenging for the ball is part of the game – albeit some of the challenges, regrettably, could lead to more serious
      injuries" . So while I see where you coming from regarding those potentially career ending challenges (like the foot to the face from the Wigan player yesterday, which was not punished by the ref, so I assume will go to the FA?) it seems the FA does not agree with you, as that sort of violence is part of the game and therefore is okay.

      On Bale I don't have an issue with him winning, and think either him or RVP would have been worthy, I do agree with you with the amnesia when it comes to the diving. Just a few days ago on here a number of people were including the diving of Suarez as a rational of why Liverpool supporters should not support their player, but it seems Bale is above this criticism. Bit like those who conveniently forget that Rooney had a very similar challenge with his red mist not so long ago, but as the hope of England I suppose he's above reproach.