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  • Jason Jason May 4, 2013 00:28 Flag

    Wing Wizards - Ben Arfa,Sinclair and Ince

    Ironically, I was just going to start a post about Scott Sinclair, who I wanted more than any player last summer that I thought Rodgers could bring with him, and would be an affordable, effective attacking winger, particularly for our system.. based on the following from Mancini via Sky, I think we outta be all over this.. He's only 23, and an outstanding talent.. City paid 6M for him, so they could hardly ask for more than 4-6M, since they haven't done anything to boost his stock and have to clear his wages so they can buy Cavani, Falcao, Maradona and Pele.. Scott Sinclair for me, yes please!!

    And, I would not sell Downing unless someone made some sort of 10M+ bid because I think he's been the most improved player of the season, and his work rate has been as good as any, plus we need to add and strengthen, not reduce and replace. If a player like Sinclair comes in and earns the nod over Stewart, then so be it, but we'll be better off for it come Cup matches and perhaps Europa if we manage to make it..

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    • Yeah think your right Jason, fits the price range Rogers will possibley have spare to get an attacking player and has history with Rogers and would be already familiar with his tactics and style of fluid passing play.

      Think we are in the Europa league due to fair play rules or somthing about being second best disiplined team in the league under Arsenal which grants us entry.


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      • I actually think Sinclair is a fantastic player, not just a player who's familiar with the system.. for me, I'd personally likened him a bit to Ashely Young, but a more pacey, tricky player with more direct moves and goals, whereas Ashely is more the pension for boom or bust with some extravant finishes. Sinclair would be a more experienced and less costly option to Ince, and direct competition for Downing, and could play either wide role.. I'd love to have him for 5-6M.

        As for Liverpool getting into the Europa League through Fair Play, I'd read an interview from Rodgers where he says they do not want to qualify that way because he feels it's not warranted based on merit of play/achievement, and not how LFC would want to qualify. I don't know if that means they'll decline the opportunity or what, but he did make a good point that it would put them into the competition even earlier than it did this past season, starting while many players are gone on holiday.. In that regard, I wouldn't want us involved either..