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  • Colyn Colyn May 8, 2013 09:38 Flag

    Wing Wizards - Ben Arfa,Sinclair and Ince

    This is a good thread as it touches on the problems facing Rodgers this Summer. We need players to lift us above 7th. That means some of current squad will have to leave. But who? My point is that we have to be ruthless. Is Downing, for example, a player that would play for a CL side? I cant see it myself and therefore he needs to go. I think we also need to look at others in the same way as well. When you think of it in that way the choices get a little bit more obvious but it also highlights the true extent of the work that was facing Rodgers when he first arrived.

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    • Colyn, I take your point that Downing may not be good enough to be in a CL stating side, but would ask or argue is he good enough to be in either a CL squad, or more to the point in a side that can get into the top 4? If either of those is true is he worth keeping for at least one more season, and if as I tend to agree he is not enough quality for the CL starting 11 do we replace now, or when we are actually in the CL and have the funds available to spend on a top class player?

      As a side note to that, and maybe another angle to this, I have a feeling this might be an inflated window when it comes to transfer fees. I come to that conclusion for two reasons. First the prem will be awash with new money from the new TV deal, and second it looks like there will be a number of new managers at major clubs around Europe all of which may feel the need to spend to improve and or put their own stamp on their new team. We already know there will be a new man in charge at Chelsea, Utd, PSG and Munich. It's highly likely Real will have a new boss, and while I think Mancini will stay he will likely spend, plus there is a case to make that Barca will also be active in the market. Not to mention the fact the top 4 in the prem is now a 6 or 7 club race, so like us, whoever does not make it this term may consider rolling the dice with some big spending to help grease the passage back into the those finishing spots.

      If a spending spree does unfold, it will mean there will be a lot of cash (which we don't have) chasing a limited number of players, and truly influential wing wizards of CL caliber are not that common. So my point here is that while we do need to improve quality wide, and a CL level player maybe what we need, do we need it next season, and with other priorities (mine being the best CB we can afford) do we hold with what we've got for one more season or spend big now.

    • Colyn...have to agree with u on this. You are right we MUST look at our squad in this way and ask that all important question...Is he good enough to play Champions League ? If he isnt then he has to go..this is the only way to build a squad that will give us a serious shot at a top 4 slot..we are a very long way off a tilt at The Title imo. We are going to have to spend some real dosh this time to bring in QUALITY..PROVEN WORLD CLASS QUALITY and not as I fear WILL happen a load of "average" players that BR has had contact with before from previous positions hes held with other clubs

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      • We are slightly different here Colin. I'd actually prefer to see players that WILL BE world class. Players that fall slightly under the radar of CIty and Chelsea etc. When they come together they become something special. Oh how I dream! Could you imagine a player like Coutinho with with Torres in his pomp? We bought Jovanovic and Voronin instead...............

        Did you know that Voronin has been capped 74 times by the Ukraine. Wonders!