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  • RonJ RonJ May 5, 2013 13:01 Flag

    Additional strikers..

    but he's a headtheball Armchair. I dont think BR likes them too much.

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    • Now now Ron.. the cynicism there.. We actually have a high number of headed goals amongst teams in the top half..

      But, in addition to Benteke's aerial presence, he's FAST for a man his size. He is probably faster than Suarez in a straight dash, which isn't the case for a certain other big striker the cynics love..

      In his first season in the EPL, at age 21, he's got 19 goals, all of supreme quality, could (won't happen) go on a purple patch and come close to the Golden Boot, which the other striker will never do, and let's face it anyways, Chelsea / City and big spenders will be all over him..

      If we were to try for him, January would have been the time, now that time has come and gone and he's a fantastic striker with years of growing/maturing to come..

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      • I'm always concerned about being linked or going after players like this. He's had a fantastic season and is in fashion without doubt but all of a sudden his fee goes through the roof. It's all based on one good season.

        Unless the fee is reasonable run away in my opinion and go and find the next Benteke rather than the one commanding a £15m profit for whoever unearthed the talent

      • sorry Jason,but I'm still inclined to be glum I'm afraid and particularly so after yesterday. 6 nil too much to hope for but I thought we could have managed one or two. I still wish we'd had a pop for Jordan Rhoades when he was still at Huddersfield but Blackburn Rovers snapped him up. He'll be moving again in close season but I believe hes already spoken for.