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  • colin colin May 5, 2013 18:30 Flag

    The View of the Derby..

    I think it unlikely that u will see much inthe way of quality in Jason if Rogers has his way itll be more "average" players that hes managed before on his travels. Think there will be something of a clearout though. My view of todays match ...been watching derbys for best part of 60yrs and have to say of those I recall this was the worst Ive ever seen ! Try and big it up all u want we were rubbish ..nocutting edge Sturridge as greedy and hapless as ever the game at NEWCASTLE was like a mirage they were as bad as any team was ever going to get against us...and we werent going to see a repeat performance against The Blue Noses today I knew that but I did expect a BIT OF PASSION...??? We are a long long way from a side that can launch a serious challenge for a top 4 slot let alone a TITLE tilt.

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