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  • colin colin May 7, 2013 22:14 Flag

    The View of the Derby..

    Not in any way impressed with Sturridge Dave...far too greedy looking at the ball at his feet a lot of the time...another "average" player.However Couhtino VERY impressed withthis lad a "natural" talent imo can only get better shows real vision a class act could very soon be World Class stuff.

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    • I dunno Colin, its hard to argue with the numbers. 7 goals from 12 games, not a bad return for a second striker, and one whose supposed to be just bedding in. I grant you he was a little greedy on Sunday, when on occasion there might have been a better option available, but that is the nature of a striker; they see the goal in front of them they go for it. But have we not complained of the opposite in the past?

      Put it this way, the thing everyone says about Defoe is that he'll take on any shot he can, but would you not want the goals that type of player provides? Besides, as I mentioned last week, don't you think the role Sturridge played last week for Henderson's goal was the perfect pass and move play that you've been advocating for? Surely was not greedy on that one.

      However I do have to agree with you 100% on the Brazilian, and if we can get 1 or 2 like that in, we'll be okay. My biggest worry to be honest is replacing Carra. We've been scoring all season, but it's only in the last couple months that things have been tightening up on the back line, and I think the calmness and leadership from Carra is a big part of that improvement, so its big shoes to fill.