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  • Loki Loki May 5, 2013 18:40 Flag

    The View of the Derby..

    To be honest, I don't blame the blue noses for playing the way they did, it's up to us to find solutions to that and we didn't. Although we've improved against physical teams, we're still not good enough to physically boss teams. Diame - yes! Sissoko - yes!

    I agree 100% that we can't afford to be Scrooge this summer - we need to spend some serious dosh, because my fear is if we don't make the CL next summer, players will be off and we won't attract players and we're down the plug-hole forever.

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    • Firstly I saw nothing wong with Distan's goal.

      Secondly Coutinho is looking some buy. His vision is exceptional.

      Otherwise I'd say we always struggle against teams that play with a bit of grit. Fine if we go ahead early otherwise it's a bit of a war of attrition. We get a little too deep and leave our lone striker very isolated.

      A few thoughts on that.

      1. we need to squeeze up a bit. That's tough when you haven't got the muscle in the middle. Enter my call for a midfield general who can dominate in those tight spaces. They'll soon bck off then.

      2. A striker who can hold the ball up maybe but that still means you're playing too deep for my liking.

      3. To me it's the midfield again. Too often crosses or long diagonals were seeking out Sturridge and absolutely no chance in finding him. Ball was coming from too deep or people weren't up with him.

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      • I'd disagree with you slightly here colyn. I actually think our center of Lucas and Gerrard did a very good job controlling things for most of the match, so I saw an improvement over other matches where teams have tried to muscle there way past us. The fact Everton really did not create much of anything during the game other than from set plays I think reinforces that view.

        While I agree we should have done better in the transition play in creating better chances going forward, we did create quite a bit. However we were not clinical with the chances when they came. Now it could be argued having Suarez on the pitch would have made the difference, or that Sturridge just was not good enough on the day, but I'd also give some credit to the Everton back line and keeper as well.

        On the dissallowed goal in hindsight I'd agree it does look like it was good. But I think the ref who had already pulled Anichabe aside before the corner was taken was looking for any excuse to blow the whistle early. Not saying that's right, but we see that every weekend where the ref see's pushing and shoving in the lead up to a corner and blows up as soon as the ball is kicked.

        For Evertonians and Moyes who see this as a big injustices where they seem to never get the calls at Anfield, I'd ask them to look at the Suarez goal chalked off at Goodison. Also I saw 3 elbows from Fellaini all of which could have been at least a yellow, but none of them were even called.