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  • andy w andy w May 12, 2013 09:50 Flag

    Sir Bob is still numero uno!

    Totally agree Dave, I think a lot of Manure fans will be secretly wondering what happens next though.
    Liverpool's success was passed on seamlessly by 4 managers without a hiccup, which to me is the definition of a true dynasty. I know you have to congratulate them for their success, but it's all been under Fergie. I'm hoping,and I think it is a definate possibility, that this is the end for Manure as dominant force because Moyes definately isn't a second Fergie !!

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    • I'd not rule out Utd yet however. I have to admit begrudgingly that they do have a very good squad (despite some minor holes), have huge resources, which is a major factor in success in the modern game, and despite all the banter Moyes is a very decent manager.

      However I do think this will be a turning point which may not see the decline of Utd but will potentially make them vulnerable from challenges. For me there are some very interesting questions that will be answered in the near future:

      Can Moyes spend as well from the top shelf as he has from the bottom shelf?
      Will Moyes get the benefit of the doubt as SAF did from: refs, the FA, the press?
      Can Moyes be as decisive or ruthless in managing his players - what to do with Rooney, when does he tell Rio or Giggs they are not good enough any longer?
      If Moyes is not successful right away it may not be because he's not good enough (I have no doubt Chelsea and City will come out charging next season after heavy investment over the summer) what will the clubs reaction be? What happens if things don't go to plan, results dip, some fans start to turn, and maybe most important the stock price on the NYSE slips? We'll find out if the stability so important imo to Utd's success was because the club really believes in it or because SAF was just unsackable.