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  • Mark Mark May 8, 2013 22:37 Flag

    Sir Bob is still numero uno!

    First Thatcher dies then Fergie retires. Somewhere there's a scouser with a lamp and one more wish!

    Anyway after today's news about Taggart - as welcome as it is - has resulted in the most fawning, sychophantic #$%$-licking that one can imagine. There are so many tongue's up there even a bottle of Dettol isn't so clean.

    Here's the facts though boys. Bob Paisley built a team that won 3 European Cups and 20 'titles' total in his 9 years in charge. 20! Now Fergie is right to be considered one of the greatest (I have just choked on my own vomit) but as good as Bob? NO F**CKING WAY! - simple as that. Uncontestable, immutable truth.

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    • Your right, Sir Bob is the most successful English manager, and did it all with one club (playing, coaching and managing). But I can understand at least some of the over the top reporting on Fergie. In today's age of got to win today otherwise its onto the next man if nothing else its a major event when a football manager decides to retire without being pushed. And, while Fergie certainly does not deserve our love, I do think he deserves our respect. What does the art of war say, "know thy enemy"!

      But hey, look on the bright side, both the Mancs, and Bluenoses will have a new manager next term. So will Chelsea, and assuming Wenger stays and does not spend as usual, and the Spuds miss out, it can only be good news for us.

    • Your 100% right. Furthermore, Sir Bob did his winning with a whole lot more grace and respect. And he also succeeded a great Manager as well.
      Sir Bob.... gone but will never be forgotten!