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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 9, 2013 16:18 Flag

    How many of our current squad can you see in the Champions League?

    What are the swear words?!

    Easy peasy....

    Reina, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson, Gerrard, Lucas, Suarez, Coutinho

    There are others like Sturridge, Sterling, Kelly etc that might comfortably make that step up.

    I guess that tells you we need 3 forward players and to pray for no injuries elsewhere! I guess that is why we need some squad depth too.

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    • I'd bung Enrique in there as well Hobs! Looking at that line-up would suggest however that the first 11 are only lacking another class striker and right sided player, and we all know we need more than that.

      A football team is gestalt, its not just how good the individuals are, its how they knit together, but also, you need a class bench which we just don't have.

    • Nowhere near enough detail there Hobs. It's the Etc's I'm interested in. I think many of us feel that we need to be relatively busy this Summer if we're to make up at least 3 places in the Premier League. That means some players have to leave.

      Who are they?

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      • Okey dokey, sorry to dissapoint you! Well the guys I put in I think are mostly self explanatory.

        Reina is a phenominal keeper, his knockers from early season seem long gone after keeping 15 clean sheets, where is his error proneness now?

        Johnson, used to be fine in opposition half then useless in ours but he has really pressed on with his all round game since start of last season, he has a few years left at the top level, seems to have easily seen off the Kyle Walker England threat that looked to be coming, for the meanwhile at least.

        Skrtel, had a bit of a mare this season but our player of the year previously, he hopefully will get his mojo back, to be honest, I think the whole Carra retiring is more to do with why he has been out of the side.

        Agger, need I say anything at all?! Barcelona and Man City want him, so he gets YNWA tatooed on his wrist, the absolute daddy of the ball playing centre half.

        Enrique, So consistent, an excellent defender with pace and tecnique, added goals to his game, should be in Spain squad, absolutely plops all over Monreal.

        Gerrard, that is all.

        Lucas, got his game back together after trundling back from injury, best tackler in the premier league, everyone knows you need a kicker in europe.

        Suarez, really?

        Coutinho, his talent is so clear, it isn't form, it is natural genius and vision, it is very hard to train.

        Sturridge might get there, he looks world class one day then a donkey the next, he needs time and definitely deserves it. Sterling, he might be years away but definitely has the x factor. Kelly is awesome, never has a bad game just sadly, never has any games! Henderson has been one of our best players in recent weeks, his momentum is building constantly so who knows. Allen is on the fence with 2 legs on the bad side, he isnt good enough so far but he could make it.

        Downing, Coates, Assaidi and Borini are as far as I am concerned, simply not good enough and will never be. Sell them all!

        It is a bit of a loaded question though as you would have to ask yourself, "Are Traore, Finnan, Baros, Kalou, Mikel good enough?" They have all won the competition!