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  • colin colin May 10, 2013 12:23 Flag

    How many of our current squad can you see in the Champions League?

    Hobs...Downing Coates Assaidi Borini and Allen none of them good enough its a scandal that Swansea levered 15 mill out of us for this lightweight Allen get rid and am going to risk a plate load of egg on my face withthis next statement....get rid of Sturridge this guy cant see any further than the toes of his boots hes not the answer to our problem of who to play off Suarez hes not good enough and never will be thats why we got him off Chelski for the money we paid...think if we hang on to him he will be a let down he wont hit the target regularly and his greed will be his undoing...better to acknowledge that he should be down the road now.