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  • Colyn Colyn May 9, 2013 16:06 Flag

    How many of our current squad can you see in the Champions League?

    There it is. The only question or way I can see that you can #$%$ the current squad, and where to make the improvements. Some players this year have improved their form or even broken through from the youth sides but arethey really CL material? Tome that's the only real way yo can #$%$ things and move forward in a positive manner. No place for loyalties I'm afriad.

    So who are they? Spill the beans chaps.

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    • I see where your going with this, and agree there is not much point wasting time on players we know are not up being top 4 or CL level players. However we can get caught up in then only wanting world class or near world class players throughout the squad.

      Now I know we need to improve, and where we can we should be looking for the very best, however imo a CL side is not made up of great individual players, but a group that makes up a team that is better than the sum of its parts. A few world class players need to be in the mix along with a handful of very good players. But you do also need some grit and hard work, a squad with enough depth that can provide both quality, but also carry the water when needed.

      Put this way, look at our CL squads from 2005 or 2007, and ask if we did not know all the players were CL players would be consider them of that level on a thread like this? Dukek, Baros, Cisse, Smicer all good players, all key to the European title, but are they all top draw? How about Gonzaliz, Aurelio, Crouch, Pennant, and Kuyt. Again some good player there (although some have done little to nothing since), but not sure again they would make many peoples short list of CL caliber players.

      So my point is not that we should not look at the squad with a critical eye, and not be sentimental for players we like, but might not be good enough. However there are qualities in some players beyond star power that need to be taken into account, and at the end of the day successful teams are not made up of individuals, but a balanced squad that all pulls in the same direction, with the stars making the squad players better, and the squad players helping to make the stars shine.

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      • I agree DSteer. My point behind the thread is that many in the squad have either improved or broken through from the youth set up etc. BUT that's still only good enough for 7th as we stand. The ultimate prize is PL and CL titles and we're obviously miles off. So where do you go? As Hobs has highlighted there are some obvious outs such as Borini, Assaidi, and Coates but they've not contributed this year and are in reality a waste of space and money in the squad. Those that have played are only good enough for 7th so there needs to be changes and that's where it gets difficult. For me anyway.

        Lets look at the derby starting 11. Carragher is not included as his future is deservedly set with a pipe and slippers.


        They weren't good enough to beat Everton at home. Tough game fr sure but who are the weak links there? We need to see a step change in quality and that means some players need to make way. For me the weaker elements of that side are

        Johnson, Henderson, Downing, Strurridge. I still have uncertainties about Lucas too if I'm honest. and I've questioned Gerrard at times this season. You compare the spine of that side above to the 2008 CL side and the difference stands out a mile.

        It's so tough and I do not envy the job facing Rodgers at all.

    • What are the swear words?!

      Easy peasy....

      Reina, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson, Gerrard, Lucas, Suarez, Coutinho

      There are others like Sturridge, Sterling, Kelly etc that might comfortably make that step up.

      I guess that tells you we need 3 forward players and to pray for no injuries elsewhere! I guess that is why we need some squad depth too.