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  • Loki Loki May 9, 2013 20:04 Flag

    Congrats to Moyes

    Sorry to clarify - if Spurs don't get in the CL then Bale will be off too.

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    • bale will leave us as he is too good for us & can double his £££ elsewhere. but i dont think it will be this summer. i dont think theres much of a difference between us, u, everton & arsenal. chelsea have hugely under performed again. rafa has taken them further backwards. there squad is much better than the teams i mentioned above. & obviously the 2 manc teams are much better too.

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      • Think it might be squeaky bum time at WHL if Spurs does not make 4th when it comes to Bale. You might be right that he'll give it one more season, but I'd not put money on it. He's had a heck of a season and many around Europe will have taken notice, so got to assume the bids will come in.

        On season ending form I'd agree that us, Spurs, Arsenal and Everton are very close. Our problem was a poor start, which obviously we'd hope to rectify next term. But going into next year I can see some real separation between those in the top 7.

        City and Chelsea will spend, so see both doing better than this season. I'd agree Chelsea have under-performed, but I'd not put that down to Rafa but more the chopping and changing, with 3 managers in less than 2 years. Also to be fair to them I'd also say they've been going through a transition with a changing of the guard. So long as they bring in their manager (assume its Maureen) in time for a full preseason and I think they will both strengthen in the transfer market, and get progression from the existing squad and while maybe not challenging for the title I don't think they'll be far away. City will spend, whether Mancini stays or goes.

        Arsenal I expect will end up as they always are, flattering to deceive. That is unless they don't get the top 4, in which case you may see them spend even less than usual. Spurs you may know better than me, but I'm wondering how much they can or would be willing to spend if they miss out on CL football again. Selling Bale would give you the funds to re-invest, but the cost of keeping him might be giving him an improved contract which means there will be less to spend elsewhere in the squad. Adebayor seems to perform best when he's new at a club, or when he's shopping for a new one. Since he's been on fire lately I'm wondering if he's looking for the exit. But with him or without him, whether Bale stays or goes I do think you need to spend to get a more balanced squad. If Bale leaves that is a lot of firepower that goes out the door, while if he stays is there a guarantee he can create as much on his own as he has this term.

        For Everton it all comes down to who they bring in to manage, and whether they can resist the raiding parties going after their better players (including those from Man U). The right man might be able to keep things on course by keeping the better players and or replacing if they do have to sell. The wrong man and things could be disastrous.

        For us I think we have to be realistic. Top 4 is a realistic target next term, if the squad progresses and we can re-enforce in the right places. However I do think its going to be an expensive window with so many new managers at top clubs around Europe, so its the shrewd buyer who might win the day rather than the bigger spender. But end of the day I see it being a 3 horse race between us, Spurs and Arsenal for 4th, with the 2 Manc clubs fighting for top spot, while Chelsea easily get 3rd and make up ground toward the title chasers.