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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 10, 2013 10:38 Flag

    Congrats to Moyes

    I have to say, I don't know why MArtinez is so highly rated. Yes, he started Swansea off playing that football but he didnt make them win with it. He has been at Wigan a few years and they have relegation fights every season and will go down this time around. He makes them play great football but they have an awful defence. Personally I am happier with Brenda. I can't see how you could go into that Everton side and try to go 3-4-3, they are built for war, they would be better off with Sam Allardyce or Alan Curbishley!

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    • Hobs..would have much prefered Martinez to Brenda if Martinez goes toEverton end of season then if FSG dig deep and make the serious investment thats needed to give us that cutting edge we lack right now we will see just who is the better manager as I cant see Everton investing heavily as can see them selling but not reinvesting all the money as theyd need to...Bill Kenwright is way too tight .

    • I agree with you that we got the better man between BR and JM, however I do have to give the Spaniard some credit. Yes Wigan are in a relegation fight every year, but in all honestly, and I mean this with respect, Wigan Athletic have no business being in the prem, let alone surviving every year.

      On the clash of styles I think that is a valid point however I do think part of Moyes' success is he always found a little bit of quality for his side in the likes of Baines, Pienaar, or a Mirallas. Its that type of player who is just a little more creative that separates them imo from the WHU or Stoke's of the league. And, it's likely it those kind of players (an any like them emerging from the youth system) that will be first to go as they can, and Everton may need the funds those kind of players can attract.

      But that is the second point where I have to give Martinez credit. Yes most talk about his style of football, and how he's calm under pressure come the business end of the season, but I think his biggest attribute, and what Everton will need most, is what he does in preseason. Consistently he finds those under-priced diamonds in the rough. They may not all be top draw players, but good enough to add that quality which is the difference from surviving in the prem, and going on the long slide to the lower divisions.