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  • RonJ RonJ May 10, 2013 11:31 Flag

    Congrats to Moyes

    titter ye not, but it would not suprise me to see the second coming to Merseyside of a certain Rafa Benitez. Managing Chelsea was unusual but to manage Everton.....well, that really would take the biscuit! Fun times ahead!

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    • Ron ...think u very well might be right on the Benitez guess. He has done very well for Chelski as an "interim" manager and may leave on a high by winning Europa Cup..woumldnt be surprised to see Everton offer him the post...BUT for all his proclaimed love for us do u think hed accept it ?

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      • I said before with tongue fully in the cheek it would be interesting. However whether you like Rafa or not, whether you rate him or not, one thing I think we can agree on is he is a man with high ambitions, and I just doubt Everton could ever meet those ambitions.

      • So, steerage, let me just get this right, FSG have no ambitions, right---that's what your saying as aren't they the ones that sacked Benitez, then sacked hodgson then sacked dogleish and now appointed buck
        not exactly a team or group of owners with ambition, more like a continued circus parade
        if LFC had showed ambition they would, in the last few years signed a decent goalkeeper, brought through youth PROPERLY, signed someone to replace Torres after the failing of off-loading Andy Carroll and bust the bank for Sniejder
        NEXXXXTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.................as usual.

    • Now that would be interesting, not sure its likely, but very interesting.