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  • mel n mel n May 11, 2013 03:19 Flag

    Thank you Sir Alex!

    For calling it a day and for approving David Moyes as your heir.

    The Moyes decision I view it as a win win for Liverpool football club, first of all this ensures that the Turds will not win another title for the foreseeable future and also increases the possibilities of the Blue noses being relegated in the next year or two, especially if they go with Martinez, a guy who is about to get Wigan relegated and who thinks he is the Albert Einstein of football.

    Personally I feel that despite being a good coach, Moyes lacks that IT factor that would make him a great coach and SAF's shoes will be even harder to fill. I can not foresee him going toe to toe with the likes of Jose, Pep, Rafa and co and coming out the victor. 11 years with the Toffees and not a single trophy does not really mark him as a world beater, does it? Even Alex Mcleish has won a trophy! Mind you there will be no more Fergie time, a factor that has significantly contributed substantially to the Uniturd's titles over the years. I am also reliably informed that Howard Webb has put in a transfer request and word is that he has sent a "come and get me plea" to Mancini attaching highlights of his contribution to Uniturd's losing performance to Chelsea last week.