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  • Jason Jason May 12, 2013 21:32 Flag

    Record Broken.. Well done Redmen

    Daniel Sturridge has score 11 goals in 15 prem matches.. Not even OJ Simpson's lawyer could convince a sane person he hasn't been worth every penny spent.. If only for a couple of lesser showings, while keeping in mind he's not played much in nearly a year and is only 23, he could have 15 in 15, or more..

    Some people don't like stats, and I agree they can always be swung in one direction or another, but that's not really a stat, it's a fact, and if you compare is prolificacy vs others who've been bought for more, it's startling how good he's started off mark at LFC and even better w/o Suarez!!

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    • For a long time we've been searching for one striker who could be our 20 plus goals a season man. Thought we had it with Torres till he buggered off to Stamford Bridge, but now we have it in Suarez, and we've got with Sturridge a man who is on the same pace.

      I know many want the owners to spend heavy this summer, and no doubt there are areas we need to improve on, however if we have two strikers who can set the pace of 20 goals each in the upcoming season, we can't be that far behind (what would the Spuds look like without Bales goals?). We go into the summer on a high, and just need to work out how we can take that high and deliver it on a more consistent basis next term.

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      • We really just need someone experienced to come in at the back and challenge Skrtel, and raise the games of Agger, Wisdom, Kelly and perhaps Coates should he stay. Then another left back because I can't figure out why Enrique sometimes randomly gets omitted.. After that, we need 2 more game changers, and 3 overall, which for me would be attacking wide men...

        The biggest area of improvement we will see, is this existing squad, fully fit, with an entire season under their belt, and now an entire off season under their belt.

        Just think about Coutinho with an extra few pounds on him, Sterling fitter and stronger, Sturridge a whole summer of fitness and understanding of his teammates and also when he can pass the ball more, and then whatever additions we make. We have 70 goals at the moment, and to say we should have well over 80, isn't remotely stretching it, considering the 2-3 games where we peppered an opponents' keeper/goal and couldn't seal the deal..

        I'm genuinely excited and wish this season wasn't ending, which I haven't said since 08/09!