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  • Jason Jason May 13, 2013 13:07 Flag

    The Flake and the Lightweight..

    Our flake striker bought in January, and our too short, weak, lightweight attacking midfielder have created:
    - 38 goal scoring chances for the team combined.
    - Sturridge, the flake, has 11 goals in 15 league games, and 3 assists. That's 14 goals in 15.
    - Coutinho the short, lightweight has, 2 goals and 5 assists. That's 7 goals in his 12 appearances.

    For 20M pounds in the January window, where there is usually a lot of panic buys, over spending and enough quality to make a difference, these two have scored/assisted on 21 goals combined. That's about 2 goals per match, and they've only been on board a few months, are 23 and 20 respectively, and are doing it without a lot of players who have equal quality on board, and now w/o Suarez in 3, and Gerrard for 2.5..

    I suppose 20M spent for 21 goals, was pretty bad business by BR, especially because neither can head the ball.. Now, perhaps after a full offseason of treatment and rest, we'll see what we saw in our 2 time player of the month Allen, maybe a much bigger influence from Borini who was absolutely decimated by a fractured foot/dislocated shoulder for over 6 months, yet almost hit a brace yesterday, and who knows when Samed Yesil is recovered from his torn ACL and more time training can do as a 19 year old.. I do give up on Assaidi since he seems to only make the bench if we're very short, so 3M.. no big deal..

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    • Jason I think we are ALL supporters of our club irrespective of our points of view concerning certain players or the manager...we thankfully havent opted for the All-American Cheerleaders gig ...yet. This last post of yours practically has u dancing off the page in one of those Cheerleader pleated mini skirts waving red pom poms giving us all RAH RAH SIS BOOM BA...one more meaningless game to go and then we can all sit patiently and see just what FSG and the manager and backroom boys can do to strengthen this squad before kick of of next season. ps u posts used to be interesting ?

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      • Colin, maybe Jason is doing a bit go gloating at those who wrote players off who it turns out have actually made a rather impressive contribution to the cause. But surely even you can say that maybe you were a little premature in your assessment of Sturridge?

        I said 2 weeks ago stats don't lie in reference to Daniel's goal return, but they seem to be getting stronger each week. And if you were premature on Sturridge, do you not think it just possible that you might have jumped the gun on making conclusions on other players, especially those who have not been able to prove you wrong on the pitch due to injury?