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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns May 14, 2013 12:07 Flag


    Never mentioned 6th , dyckhead, only the fact we finished above the shyte...AGAIN
    makes you even smaller....................hahahhahahahahah

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    • Serious question numpty.

      Would Everton qualify for Europe if Chelsea win the Europa League and qualify for the CL?

    • Jason ( Seaniceman ) good for yer Toffees they had a fine season. I can respect that, I reckon most Liverpool fans don't begrudge whatever success another side has.....( lol , I'm lying through my teeth , I'm gutted if my Reds lose ).
      And , yep , its way better being there than watching on the tube , no arguement , but I guess you could sympathise with a fellow like poor Armchair who can't go.

      The bloody Mancs keep stealing from you lot. Go back to Rooney.....fast forward to Moyes...why don't you pick on manUre instead of throwing rocks at Liverpool?

    • What a shallow t1thead !! Have fun polishing that number six in your bulging trophy cabinet !
      What you gonna celebrate next, getting a kiss off your Mum cos you've finished your tea like a big boy or that you've learnt to breathe in and out without anyone helping you!

    • Well make the most of the nose bleed hights of this season. Cos next season no Moyes no Bains no Fallaini...Lets see how ya go then...You've been hitting above your standing for too long because you had a very good manager. Now thats over.

      So lets look at it again shall we for next season...Moyes gone no hope of getting anyone better thats a fact.

      No money to attract players of Bains and fuzzy head...As they will be gone too.

      Not too bright for you lot now is it lol. Another ten years without winning anything now whos laughing Hahaha!