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    Espinoza Get Stuck In!

    I'm sure that everyone is and has gotten a very good glimpse of Wigan lately, as we often do come this time of year and their magical results to stave off the drop, though I think this year it may be their time..

    That said, each year there tend to be 2-3 players that really stand out and end up moving on to other clubs, sometimes top sides like Valencia to Utd, or Diame linked to us but then ending up at West Ham.

    I think everyone has noticed McManaman and his incredible pace and tricks down that side, but he's not the one who's caught my eye, but rather Roger Espinoza who is a CDM by trade, is an absolute bulldog, never stops running, slides in, gets stuck in, and has been playing out wide for them vs City in the FA Cup, and again today vs Arsenal, causing havoc everywhere, while knocking the Arsenal boy band rockers off the ball whenever he can.. I suppose he's this year's version of Diame, but he is very very skilled, only 25, and whether they stay up or not, too good to be there..

    I think Rodgers could do well because he's fluent in Spanish and we have several contingent in the South American ranks that could welcome him. Not to mention, he is well verse playing in front of only 3 CBS, and a straight football on the ground philosophy.. Thoughts?

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    • I have to say the last few weeks I have watched them and he has certainly caught the eye playing as the lwb. Everyone already knows that Maloney can play but doesnt really fit our strategy. I would be more then happy with stealing Espinoza as competition for Enrique and a generally versatile squad tool. Mcmanaman will surely be on the move, I imagine Dave Whelan will have an astronomical figure in mind for him! We have all mentioned before that Kone could probably do a job as back up also.

    • Actually was impressed with him on Saturday. I did not know he started off as a defensive midfielder but thought he might be able to do a job as an LB or wing back. Could be a shrewd addition as a squad player.

      I think he went to Ohio State, and even though born in Honduras spend quite a bit of time in the States, so could be appealing to the owners to help raise the profile of the club our side of the pond.

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      • Dave, Yep he cut his teeth here in the states, and actually grew up having to play at multiple high schools, junior college, then a transfer to Ohio State, and then was one of a very select few US born players to get into the MLS and was spotted by Martinez. He does seem to pop on the left an awful lot, with quality and pace, but he's featured a ton right in the center of the park, and is by trade a central defensive midfielder. They call him a "headless chicken with cool hair".. almost a South American Dirk!

        I personally love the guy, he's got more technique, and a lot more pace than Lucas, and would be a great foil.. We need more people like him with heart and a fighter's mentality.. Here's a nice video of his all around game.. he does NOT mind stuck into a tackle whatsoever, and nobody will run through or past him very easily.. Fast, athletic, skilled, and tenacious! I'd bet he's one of, if not the very first player gone from Wigan now that they're down..