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  • Colyn Colyn May 16, 2013 13:01 Flag

    Espinoza Get Stuck In!

    I honestly think it does have an effect and I also believe that many a club, including us fall for it. McManaman's agent will now push his price and wage demand as high as possible because of the media attention. What price would there have been in January? Considerably less I think.

    That's my point. Don't get suckered into inflated deals which have nearly ruined us and still have us paying a wage bill that was (last figures) at 70% of turnover. Not good for a club in 7th and 8th. We're grossly over paying players relative to our league position. That means a wholesale change in our transfer policy which is what Rodgers is doing.

    As a silly example Chelsea were rumoured to pay 32 Milion Euro for Hazard and he's on over £110k a week. We paid £8m for Coutinho and I bet his wages are a lot lot lower. Hazard while being an undoubted talent was at the forefront of the media about when he was leaving Lille etc. While Coutinho was sitting quietly at Inter, sure he was known but wasn't in fashion for want of a better term. Financially we romped home on value. Better player? Both are special.

    The value is out there just ignore the obvious and the media hype is my message. Isco will be the next Eden Hazard. Watch his fee blossum.

    I can now also see that if you reply to this it will be somewhere else on this thread thanks to this stupid board fomat.