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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns May 15, 2013 16:53 Flag

    TRUE fans go to the Match

    How many ''fans'' on here have been to Anfield?
    and don't give me the usual excuses that its too far, too expensive or its on the other side of the world.!
    unless your a keyboard fan that has never experienced a live game and what it TRULY means

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    • Pretty lame attempt at a wind up I reckon. Obviously targetting some of our overseas posters.

      I would think that every fan would realise that a club needs more than the people through the gate. For a club like Everton, for example I think that would be more critical than ever as they struggle to fill the shed every week. Their shortage of cash is also well publiscised.

      Oh and in answer to the question, yes I've been to Anfield several times. I was fortunate enough to see a derby too. Special day, special place. Sadly I missed the chance of standing in the Kop before it became all seats

    • I been going since 1949. In my 20's and 30's it was virtually every Home game and as many away as I could afford. I even been to Goodison Park too.....but only when we played there! Admittedly its not so often these days but what point are you seeking to make???? Curious? I'm also curious to know which particular live game it was that you attended?

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      • RonJ, fair play to you..............my point is this, it is very reflective in peoples, not only football opinion, but also one of their own team. Those that go the match have a much more balanced view of how their team is actually playing, as opposed to those that watch MOTD and read the paper. Journo's are normally biased, MOTD has editing and pundits, those that go the match make their own mind up instead of being fed or blinded by what they ''want'' to see
        read through these comments, it shows what I mean

    • Yea well there's some people like myself who've got panic attacks.. so going to a crowded area is like hell.. Don't you think I'd liove to watch my team play? Of course I would.. but I never will due to my condition.. Don't ever belittle LFC fans.. if we love the club we love it whether or not we see our club in person.. The way I see is this if you buy LFC merchandise be it shirts etc.. you're a LFC fan.