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    Season Review

    Messed up in the summe from the point of view of transfers, some teething troubles, a good January and a taste of things to come in the last few months with some beautiful football.

    Overall: some progress made but I expect a quantum leap next season.

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    • Not sure I'd say we "messed up" the summer transfers, but no doubt there were mistakes made. Not signing a striker after AC left was a mistake, and since he can't get in the line up Assaidi may also have been a mistake (although a cheap one!). But other signings have been mixed. Allen good for the first half, but fell away then we learn he has a shoulder problem needing surgery. Borini has been a target for some, but hard to impress when your on the treatment table most of the season. Jury still out imo.

      Overall I'd say we progressed, whether measured from one season to the next, or within this last season where we certainly got better in the second half. So on the right track imo.

      Not sure we need a quantum leap, but steady progression. We made up 9 points over the previous season, but need about 10-12 to be challenging for top 4 (15 should secure it). I think we can all point to matches were mistakes or lack of consistency cost us, where we might have made up at least half the points needed to challenge. Therefore while we need to aim for top 4, and I believe its achievable, for me its building on what we have, bringing some depth for cover, and maybe 1 or 2 who can be the spark as Suarez, Coutinho and Gerrard have been this season.

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      • Can I call foul on one part of your post please DSTeer? For me comparing points from one season to the another is in my opinion like comparing apples and oranges. You cant do it because the variables i.e. your team and everyone else have changed. It's league position that's the be all and end all with me.

        Otherwise it's a good post and I agree that we basically need to build on what we've started. NOt change direction.

    • Loki...Next season is going to depend on the owners and BR getting it right in the transfer market this time...20 mill will buy u one good player and that wont be enough. We need a minimum of four World class proven talents to strengthen this squad and Ashley bloody Wiliams isnt one of them ! The performance v QPR was imo abysmal apart from the marvellous goal from the ever improving Couhtino. Motivation seems to be a problem for us and that for me is down to BR. Next season ? More of the same... a lot of lack of motivation in evidence a not too successful transfer window due to lack of coin put on table by FSG and a continuing inability to produce results against top 8 sides. All in all not too rosy a picture for me.

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      • Interesting post Colin. I only saw what was a very one sided affair on Match of the Day.

        Motivation is an interesting one and is a fair point as we've showed the desire when playing the top sides and then falter a week later. For me that comes from within and yes the manager has a role to play. He must instill a sense of hunger in the squad. That's not going to happen with a squad full of entrenched players, happy to sit on their wages and inflated transfer fees I'm afraid. It didn't really happen for Ferguson until he introduced a whole group of HUNGRY youngsters that happened to be able to play a bit too. It also needs to come from the players and again the key is midfield for me. You find someone with the vocals and organisation of Carragher mixed with Coutinho's vision, Alonso's passing ability and the grit of Mascherano and you will have someone that will set the Kop alight and the rest follow. Now to find someone like that who hasn't been singled out by one of the European giants.

        Yes I know that guys name is Souness. Just need to figure out cloning.

    • The positive thing for me was that we generally got better results wise as the season went on. Last season was the reverse in the league. Cap'n Birdseye is right in that we're far too inconsistent. There were a couple of real howler results that you just can't afford to have.

      Difficult close season ahead now with a lot of transfer activity needed to push forward. We will at some point come to a point where we need some real steal in the middle. Arsenal have suffered from a lack of it (amongst other things).

      We definitely need more depth and strength in the squad. Far too many players are shoe ins for a starting position. We need real quality and competition within the squad to develop some real hunger.

      Oh for one or two Carraghers to turn up. Realy sad to see him go but time waits for no man

    • A text book example of a transgressional season? I think so. As you said, BR was shot in the foot when the board dragged their heels over the last minute forward signings and from that moment I felt we were doomed to a year of blooding youngsters and it turned out just that way. It definitely took a while to get to grips for some players and the team we saw in the second half was as good as Arsenal/Chelsea/Tottenham in my opinion, the goal difference normally indicates a 'false position' at the risk of sounding red glazed.

      We have gone from being a 1 man team up till xmas to having a decent spread of goals, Sturridge, Suarez will score the big numbers then you have Coutinho and Gerrard chipping in with substantial goals and assists. Henderson makes it into the 'making things happen' category too. We definitely need more goals from the right hand side and are a bit light in terms of defensive cover.

      At the end of the day, the numbers dont lie, scored more goals, got more points, more wins, more clean sheets. The system is good, the application improving,a few more round pegs in round holes and I think we will contest the top 4 next season, all depends on them getting this transfer window bang on the money.

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      • I think one of the most curious things about this offseason is going to be; who do we sell? I think in the final 8-10 games, Reina finally started looking like the Pepe we've come to know, and I hope we don't sell him, contrary to what I'd said midseason. I read direct quotes from Rodgers that Skrtel is absolutely not for sale, and he said Skrtel/agent seemed in no interest to bring up a transfer, so that's good news because I just don't think he can go from player of the year to such poor form, without the ability to regain it. For what it's worth, he did look very good yesterday.

        I guess Downing, despite his improved form and contribution will be a big question because we really do need more goals/assists from that side, but his work rate is excellent. Jonjo seems to have really fall down and despite being good for the 3 Lions, never seems to find the net with us. And, then we have a few obvious like Assaidi, Coates, Pacheco etc..

        Again, from another post, in addition to who we bring in, our biggest leap forward is going to have to come from the core of the squad, that's now had a season (some only half) to train and play this way, and come out of the gates in August flying with a purpose. We were definitely an inconsistent side for most of the year, but slowly got better and better, finished 9 unbeaten (w/ some sh-tty draws) and 11 cleans in 15, on top of a lot of goals except for a few locked doors, so the positives are really there in black in white. We now have to grasp them, add to them, and make them get better.

        We took on City/Chelsea both toe to toe, drew both, but I firmly believe with more experience and depth, we are equal to Spurs and Arsenal with the right additions. Both of those squads have similar questions and tasks ahead, only difference is they finished 4th/5th, but heavily reliant on a few players with not enough depth/class.. Where would Spurs be without Bale? We proved where we can be without Suarez, and have another 5 games to go..

        Looking forward to a full season of a fitter, stronger, more adept Coutinho, Sturridge, Sterling, Suso, now Ibe, and the return of Kelly, with a great platform for Borini to make his case after some lively performances at the end.. Roll on 13/14!!