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  • Jason Jason May 21, 2013 00:56 Flag

    Kolo Toure.. I like it!

    He certainly wasn't the first name to come to my head when thinking of "experienced" defenders to come in, and when City was mentioned, Lescott always came up, which made me want to vomit, but of the two, I actually really like the link, and would welcome it if it happens.

    The guy can definitely still play, he's got bags of experience at every single level, with 2 Titles under his belt, and is physical, adept at both CB spots, and creates good depth and challenge for Skrtel.

    I think we'll look to bring in another, preferably a really classy, young one at a shrewd price like the kid Llori from Sporting who's a 6'3 star in the making, rumored 3.5M because of their financial troubles. Kolo and Llori would do me, especially because we'd have Wisdom and Kelly in the mix, and combined, if both were to happen, with Kolo on the free, spend very little!

    That sure frees up a lot of money and attention elsewhere and makes a name like Eriksen (who's commented recently on joining LFC if agreement is reached) very possible. Rodgers has said it's all about adding depth, and quality, not quantity. Spending 0.0 on Kolo would also avoid 10M on Ashley Williams, which when put in perspective relative to each other is a no brainer..

    "The Ivorian’s contract with Manchester City expires next month and, having stated his desire to stay in England, he is poised to become a Liverpool player on July 1, once personal terms and a medical can be completed."

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    • Looks like a good move to me, and one none of us anticipated. Think he starts off behind Agger and Skrtel (assuming he stays), but does give us what I think we would have lost in Carra not being around next season.

      For CB the questions are, what happens to Skrtel? Personally I hope he stays, but if he is off, got to assume his sale would finance a replacement so not a major hit from a transfer or salary standpoint. Second is what happens to Coates? For me we need youth pushing the starters like we're getting in other positions in the squad (like Ibe on Sunday). Wisdom and Kelly might be players to do that, but right now they are full backs not center halves. So the question is do we sell Coates and bring in a replacement to fill the 4th CB spot, or since we seem to have so far spent nothing can we afford to loan him out for next season (to see if game time brings out his promise) and bring in a more experienced head for that 4th spot?

    • domnt tell me....just a few more players and you can win the league...hahahaahhaha
      it will never happen, why would he want to go to a bunch of serial failures

    • I have been arguing back and forward on another board in favour of this move. We will be buying at least 2 centre halves this summer, we clearly cant afford £25m to buy 2 top players in that position and expect to spend big elsewhere. We need winners and experience, how about 2 league titles, 3 FA cups and been captain of both City and Arsenal. Incidently, he has been back up for the countries best defence for the last 2 years, surely that would suggest he will be good enough to be back up for us and especially when he is free!

      The ideal scenario is Martin Kelly comes and owns that position and he is seldom used but he is just as likely to spend another year on the treatment table. I'm sure most fans would be happy with these 4 plus Wisdom/Kelly next year:

      Skrtel - Agger - Alderweireld - Toure

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      • "he has been back up for the countries best defence for the last 2 years" the keyword there is back up. He only played 15 league games for City this season and only 14 the season before - and that includes substitute appearances. All this what a great signing he is rubbish reminds me of the way Arsenal fans tried to put a positive spin on their club's signing of Silvestre from United a few years ago. To get in to the top 4 you don't need just a top 4 starting 11 you need a top 4 quality squad and you don't get that by signing players a top 4 club thinks is no longer good enough to even be a back up player.

    • Can I just add that I'm in favour of this if it keeps Colin quiet about Ashley Williams.

      Yes, this is supposed to be a tongue in cheek comment

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      • Well that's a given, but I don't think it will help especially because Ashley himself has recently just gave a tongue in cheek comment about his future.

        I wouldn't accept still going for Williams if this happens, because Agger and Skrtel will both be 28, Wisdom still has to prove himself and we'd need a class youngster, which Coates apparently is not.. But sticking to this, I think Kolo makes all the sense in the world and if true, July 1st can't come soon enough, along with Christian Eriksen's signature and the 15M measly pounds Ajax want for him.. If I could get that loan from the bank I'd have done it by now, but then again, it would hurt any chance of getting the 62M loan for Cavani,

        Choices choices..

    • Given his experience and physical strength, I think this is a no brainer especially he is available for free. I still want to see Skrtel staying, that means shipping Coates out. This kid has been a disappointment.

    • Hi Jason. That story has just popped here as well.