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  • Havin_A_Red_Day_? Havin_A_Red_Day_? May 21, 2013 15:41 Flag

    Graniero, Tello, Sinclair, Ince, Mcmanan the list goes on for the Right Side........

    Alright guys so a natural right sided winger as a replacement for Downing should we exchange him for Begovic if Reina leaves for Barca, or even if Downing doesnt go we could do with an upgrade on the Right side of the attack. Tello would be my absolute hands down first choice in this list as a attack of Suarez, Sturridge and Tello? supported by Courtinho just gets me buzzing with anticipation.

    Cant really see us landing Tello without going down the exchanging Reina route which frankly I dont really like the sound of as Reina looks to be getting back into form recently after having a few suspect seasons of late.

    Graniero im unsure if he even plays on the right, Sinclair has the history and understanding of how Rogers wants our guys to play, Ince has looked a different class with his 10 goals and 14 assists or somthing like that be that in the championship, while Mcmanaman has also looked pretty good and bossed it against Citeh in the F.A cup finale.

    Another arguement for going for a natural wide player the likes of Ince, Sinclair and Mcmanaman is that a front line of Sturridge and Suarez already seems crowded as both guys arent exactly renowed for sharing there chances, perhaps the likes of Tello up there may even not bring out the best in a front three? Who knows it could potentialy be deadly.

    Hopefully we land Ericksen, Kolo, another defensive midfielder and another younger promising Center back but with such a limited budget may be difficult.

    What do you guys think??


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    • Ince is a given because we have the deal with Blackpool on his transfer back.

      Mcmanaman I'd steer clear of because he while there is talent there his price will now be infalted because of our press which has latched onto to his recent good form. He's still unproven and the opportunity to experimant with him has gone in my book.

      Tello, yes please if the fee and deal is right obviously.

      I'd only be happy to let Reina go if his heart is honestly elsewhere and we're pretty convinced we can line up something at least as good i.e the basic mantra for every transfer. Someone really dominant between the sticks would be a real pleasure to watch for sure.

      Toure makes sense and I'm intrigued by the Eriksen stories. I haven't seen enough to really comment on him though