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  • Jason Jason May 21, 2013 20:03 Flag

    Goodbye Andy, & thank you..

    My thank you is not really sarcastic, though I'm glad the saga won't drag out, but I would thank him for being a good soldier throughout the entire process, and for the few contributions he did make to LFC in his time there. I hope he goes on to have a nice career at West Ham, hopefully not to often at our expense, though I suspect some will actually find reasons to applause that even if it causes us defeat.

    And, ironically of note, he's had to pull out of the England squad with a calf injury. He was always going to be a player to deal with, but more than anything else, he's not been able to shed injuries, and at the end of the day, 15M was probably the best to be expected since he would have never started over Suarez or Sturridge, and however Coutinho was accommodated along with potential arrival of an Eriksen etc.. So, goodbye and good luck in London, may he cause our London rivals many hard days at the office that equal in defeat, not just "hard days at the office"..

    Colin, feel free to give me the predictable thumbs down and rant.. I suppose Andy still has the final say, but seems it's inevitable.. And if the money makes LFC better, that's all that matters..


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    • I was just listening to Talksport and they have summed up the situation pretty well, they were saying David Sullivan rang Andy and said "Great news Andy, we have agreed a fee with Liverpool, if you want to head down we can start to discuss terms....Andy?...Andy, are you there?....."

      The silence is incredibly noisey, the boy doesn't want to sign for West Ham, anyone that saw his interview after the Reading game would have seen him be particularly elusive when talking about his future, then we see an interview with Kevin Nolan where he suggest Andy has an offer to play for a club in Europe, one would have to guess that is Spurs or abroad. To add to that, he is now out for up to 4 months surely killing off any half interested parties. My feeling is he is going to skip the West Ham deal and hold out all summer, our only hope is that the injury nudges him to the safety off feeling wanted.

    • One way to look at this is what it does to free us up for other moves. If press reports are to believe we only have a modest transfer kitty from the owners (20M but who knows the real number), but this adds to it, so we might be in the 35-40M range now. Plus of course it free's up salary as well, depending on reports around 70K a week.

      If the Toure deal is true that means we've picked up a 3rd CB (imo behind Agger and Skrtel), still have maybe 40M to spend, and even if Kollo gets the same wages as Carra (and I'd expect him to be on less) got room for more additions from a salary standpoint.

      Personally i am a little sad to see Andy go, as I always like the lad, but its just a case of him being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole with us. I do wish him well, but being practical him leaving I think does help the squad overall.