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  • Loki Loki May 22, 2013 18:25 Flag

    25% sell on fee for Carrol!

    If this is true, Newcastle have taken the p!ss out of us more than any club has fleeced any other club.

    Quite frankly Comolli should have his #$%$ removed for the profligacy of last year.

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    • I can understand a selling on fee when a young player who may very well increase in value, such as the deal we had for Ince with Blackburn, so we can get some of the appreciation on the player back. But did we really think that Carroll was going to go up in value so Newcastle deserved a little more? Credit to them for putting it in the deal (just good business) but shame on us for being taken for a ride if this is true.

    • Dear me, dear me. I can't actually believe that every ounce of sense went out the window with transfers last season. Watch out for whatever little add ons are in Downing's and Henderson's contracts next.

      Without fail something new comes out about the complete and utter numpty level of management that we've had at the club for the last decade or more. It would have taken huge ratings as a reality TV programme.

      It makes complete sense now for FSG to clean the slate completely and start afresh almost ignoring where we end up in the league.

      I'm scared now. What else can there be. What other skeletons or time bombs lie in waiting? Take your guess I'd say. It seems anything is possible when it comes to mismanagement at Liverpool FC!