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  • No one has mentioned this guy. I think he could do the job for us. He is unlikely to have playing time at Chelsea since they are linked with the Falcaos of this world. If he was available, how much would he cost....and would he fit into what we are building?

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    • He is a cracking player but his stock will be so high right now. I reckon you are probably looking at £17m-ish? Too expensive considering we have a world class striker and another very decent one. I reckon we are more likely looking at getting someone to play understudy to the pair of them.

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      • Agreed, and I'd go as far to say it's a non conversation really. If we were going to sign him, the time would have been 2 summers ago when he was a 16 y/o touted as the "next Drogba". Lofty praise albeit, but I don't recall him cost all that much, and at age 18 now, and only 2 years (not as many matches) he's looking phenomenal, especially considering his size. He's made tenured CBs fall over and look silly, and has blistering pace for a lad that size..

        I think with a few buys, Chelsea could even be considered Title favorites next year so we probably won't be directly competing with them, though they could struggle to adjust with the not so special one coming back, and maybe be in the 3rd/4th area too, so I doubt they'd sell him to us anyways.

        Personally I think they should keep him because he certainly outperformed Torres and Ba in the league, who combined for 10 goals to his 17! But if they're going to buy a Falcao, Schurrle & Yilmaz, then I can see him going on loan again, but not to us, unless Jose is in a giving mood with his old pal Brendan..

      • Completely agree Hobs. His stock is too high and it's just not a clever signing to make if that's the case. Not shrewd enough for us right now.

    • that is so correct

    • I mentioned him a while back as an alternative to Benteke. Sure he'd like regular football, and might be at a decent price. However the downside with any player who has just had a breakout season is knowing if its a sign of things to come, or just a flash in the pan that soon defenders will adjust to.