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  • Jason Jason May 29, 2013 23:37 Flag

    Aspas in.. Writing on the Wall?

    Liverpool will agree to approximately 8M Euros for Iago Aspas of Celta Vigo.. He's a 25 year old striker who can play all 3 spots across the front, and is compared to a Suarez because of his work rate, with clinical finishing. Other clubs were in for him, so good move along with Kolo Toure being signed..

    This however, unfortunately starts to become a preventative measure and writing on the wall, as Luis Suarez was quoted today saying "I would have a hard time saying no to (FAIL) Madrid. I've worked all my life to reach this level and the English press is making me tired" ..

    I've read in the Spanish news that Madrid are more than happy to meet his 40M clause, rather than Cavani's 62M, and might even toss in a player, but as for Suarez saying he's tired of the press, he has nobody to blame but himself, and if that is a deciding factor for him, after all the club has done, especially after his recent, stupid indiscretion, biting another human being, then let him go screw around in Spain... At least Torres said he wanted to compete for trophies and titles, and he's done so, albeit at his own personal expense, but Suarez has no right to blame anyone or anything...

    Let's see how it plays out because I think we'll have final say unless Suarez puts in a request, but having Iago Aspas to the mix is good, though I have to say the timing of it all, with Sturridge getting carried off today and scans on an ankle injury tomorrow, isn't ideal.. Fingers crossed he's ok, and somehow Suarez was misquoted, though I'm 110% sure he's not...

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    • I don't think it has any relevance to Luis at all to be honest mate. Aspas looks a versatile utility man to play along that front 3, will be very exciting if we get Erikksen too, the movement should be great with phil in there too. I am gutted about Suarez but he is being delusional and just looking for excuses really, if he wants to leave then screw him, I just hope his crying doesnt drive the price down below £40m.

    • Not sure I agree with you 100% here Jason. I do think much of Suarez's problems are of his own making, however I do also think the press seem to single him out more so that other players. For example, before the bite (which was obviously a major self inflicted wound) I think the press were much more critical, and at a personal level of Suarez than others. Yes Terry get's lot's of negative press, but all is quickly forgiven once he's back on the pitch.

      The diving is a case in point for me. Yes Suarez has gone down easy, and admitted it, but so has almost every player in the league at one time or another. Just because Bale denies what is obvious to the naked eye does that make him a saint compared to Suarez who coped to the crime when asked? In actuality Bale sweeps the awards and is the darling of the press, while Suarez gets booed when his name is called out just for being a runner up!

      But enough of the antics, one other point I wanted to make. On Aspas, I don't have a lot of information. However not sure its a sign we may have seen the last of Suarez, it could also mean (to the delight for some on here) we've seen the last of a certain Italian instead! Or maybe it means, just as last summer it seems BR was making a collection of central midfielders before he decided who he'd keep and who he'd sell, this summer, at least early doors, he's doing the same with players able to play across the front 3. Those leaving could be Suarez, but it could be Downing, Borini, or even the likes of Sterling or Suso destined for a loan period.

    • "Madrid are more than happy to meet his 40M clause" ?

      I think Liverpool shot themselves in the foot by agreeing to such terms in the first place if it is true that Suarez has a 40M RELEASE FEE clause in his contract. A bit of bad business for LFC.

      Lets face it, a player of Suarez's high calibre is a snip at 40M for Madrid. I think he is as good as gone this summer, I just can't see Suarez rejecting the lure of Real and CL football if Real are after him.

    • This stinks of someone having a word in his ear and stirring things up again. Perhaps it's related to the Madrid / Barcelona merry go round where one cant be out done by the other. I really wish he'd shut his trap. I know all of this is part of his make up as a person, a player and the cultural ways of Uraguay perhaps but if we were able to just enjoy this guys skills without the baggage life would be pretty rosey.

      Aspas joining us is a good sign. Business done early early so a full pre season can be done. Less stress. Whether he turns into a useful player for us remains to be seen. But is suspect that he'll be technically good. Anyone know any more?

      Still a few more holes to plug and improve. Where's the midfield monster we need?

      Overall this Summer will be intriguing. There's some real big signings that may or may not happen, new managers and of course everyone in the PL will have a shed load more money.

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      • End of the day Colyn think we have to say what will be will be. But one thing to remember is that Real is desperate to be seen by its own fans and the Spanish press to be doing something. After a bad season, not yet having a new manager, and not getting Neymar they need to at least sound like they are moving heaven and earth to change this around. Hence all the talk about Suarez and Bale.

        Before the end of the summer the circus will have gone around endless times, with every big name moving here there and everywhere. Some big moves will happen, but most of what is written in the papers will never come to pass. All we can do is wait for the dust to settle and make the best of what ends up happening if any of our players do move on (remember Suarez along with Skrtel and Riena are likely to get caught up in the media storm).

        But one good thing seems to be that we are quietly going about our work, and doing it very early. With what looks like 2 in already, if we can get most business done before July, we'll be in great shape.

    • what a paragraph full of truthfulness ^-^