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    A Scoop & Different Spin on Aspas - Suarez

    For now assume Suarez is going nowhere, and Aspas is coming in, with what he brings.. I didn't follow him as much as I could have, but then again Celta Vigo are terrible. That said, he had 12 goals and 6 assists, and Vigo had 36 goals, so over 50%! Stylistically, if you asked La Liga fan, they'd say 2 players.. Suarez, but faster, and Michu. Aspas also likes to play from deep, and wide areas, so not a traditional 9, and with great dribbling and left foot, I'd see him as a direct upgrade to Downing on the right hand side. The others that I read in regards to Michu, are that he's very clinical, and unique in his finishing, always getting the right touch. Both work for me, and what's even better is, I've read that he's a hot head like Luis, even a 4 match ban for a headbutt. You have to admit, after Torres' injuries, Suarez indiscretions, and summer muck ups, it wouldn't be as fun without missing a striker and wondering about goals eh? Sorta funny right?

    The other spin, while keeping Suarez in the mix, is that this paints some writing on the wall for Downing, Assaidi definitely a goner, and whether you rate him or not, maybe Shelvey, with a chance Suso could go on loan. We have to unload some redundant players, and while Shelvey may be regrettable, it's clear that if forced to choose, Jordan was the better of the two. I don't foresee Borini being impacted at all just yet, and with Sturridge possibly having ligament damage, we're looking at 2 proven strikers again..

    On a blog in Spanish, I read a Liga fan saying: "Watched many a Vigo across the season and WOW. Believe me, you Liverpool supporters will love this guy. Michu v.2.0?"

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    • I don't see the guy making an impact like Michu and Suarez to be honest, that might be building him up a wee bit. He definitely scored some clever finishes this year and looks a busy worker, I had seen him described as a cultured Dirk Kuyt, which would do me nicely! Most of his goals seem to be first time deft finishes, a bit like Giroud but his playing style seems a bit more podolski (sorry for Arsenal references, I dont enjoy it).

      I agree, it would seem he would be looking at Downings position and would surely deliver more then 3 goals in 2 years. It looks a clever signing and will definitely add some competition to the squad at the very least. My prediction is that we will be very attack minded next year!

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      • I'm not sure anyone outside of Cavani coming to EPL can have the kind of impact Michu or even Benteke did, but his all around game is comparable to that of Suarez as far as the dribbling and drifting into channels, with very good finishing. When he does play up top, he has the genuine pace to press a high line and beat the trap, which we've not seen since Torres in that Benfica Europa match 3 years ago.. so that would be welcome. I think the Michu thing is just because of his clever finishes.. Michu scored alot of goals out of nothing, or side of his boot, so it's a bit unorthodox but works.

        End of the day, good signing with alot of quality, and may only cost 7m, and provide us another piece up top that is interchangeable like Suarez/Sturridge/Coutinho and perhaps Borini if he can stay fit, and work himself into our good graces.. It's a nice reassurance since I'm reading Danny's ankle isn't too good right now.. reading ligaments and a lengthy lay off..

        Would even be nice to see what Suarez would do, like he did early on, strictly as a real 9, and a player of Aspas & Coutinho's skill behind him, doing some of the creative work.

    • Iago Aspas almost done dealio .. 4 years 7M Euros.. subject to medical, loose ends and pen to paper. From what I've been reading, since I didn't really see much live, only some highlights, is that he's going to represent an almost identical type of style as Suarez (obviously not his equal), and he's faster in terms of a straight line pace.. I think this will be a very shrewd signing. Reina has even weighed in on this signing via ESPN.

      I think the most exciting thing is, that Rodgers is really looking for players that can play all across that front 3-4, and looking for players that offer genuine pace of play, creativity, and speed of thinking similar to Coutinho, who's got eyes on the side of his head.. I think/hope Tiago Llori may be next on our list, but Valencia may offer more money than we'd like to.. (CB from Sporting)

    • The way I see it is that if Suarez stays then we've a great striker in him (he'll have to eat copious amounts of humble pie), so our forward line will be strong with the addition of Aspas, Carroll is still our player and I think he's decent for the crosses into the box.. moves like a sack of cement though.. Sturridge is a player who'll only get better.. so we've a good and varied forward line.. I suspect Aspas will be put directly into the 1st team.. If Suarez is sold then we've money to buy in 3 good players.. As Carragher has gone we've the option to put Wisdom in there as well as Toure'. I'd guess we've a top 4 squad.. in the making..

    • I agree it does look like it means curtains for Assaidi, and maybe Dowing also. The question is can Stewart force himself into the first 11, do we keep him as a back up (remember he's useful utility playing LW, RW, or LB) or do we cash in now as his value is likely to drop after this summer.

      Shelvey leaving I think is less likely. I understand the logic of comparing him with Hendo, however I think we have more to see from JonJo, as he's only just turned 21 (while Hendo will be 23 this summer) and therefore could develop quite a bit over the next couple years. I think because we've seen him in and around the first team for a couple years now sometimes we feel disappointed when he's not showing his best, however based on age he's quite a bit off his prime, and therefore his best. However if come late August we have a fit, Gerrard, Lucas, Hendo, and Allen, and if either Suso or Coady are pushing for first team inclusion, then at least one of Suso, Coady, or Shelvey might need to go out on load as regular football is the only way they are going to develop.