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  • Loki Loki May 31, 2013 23:49 Flag

    Replace Suarez with Damiao

    I hope we don't keep Suarez now he has said he wants to leave. I can't think of one instance where a player kept against his will performs well. I also can't think of a better player to replace him with than this Brazilian kid. Seeing his finishing at the Olympics - he has the lot and was even better than that lazy b@stard Neymar. If we get 40 for Suarez, 15 for Carroll, 10 in other sales and the owners throw in the reported 25, that's 90 bags of sand to spend on the squad - a serious pile of cash and we wouldn't even need to spend all of it anyway!

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    • I've been pondering various replacements myself, and Damaio has always been a favorite. He's big, fast, powerful and clinical. Also great aerial prowess, and is only 23 years old, along with countless numbers of his fellow Brazil teammates jumping into the EPL and fitting in seamlessly, makes it a pretty obvious/realistic option especially when I recall the price was around 20 - 25M.

      Since I can't go more than a day without mentioning the name as you all well know, if Suarez is to end up at Madrid, that takes away the # 1 preferred destination (as quoted by his father) from another Uruguayan who is the world's best, and primed to leave Italy sooner or later.

      Taking the 40M for Suarez, 15-18M for Carroll is enough right there to trigger Mr. EC7's clause, and he makes a good - very good side, an instant contender. Toss in that other 25M from other sales and TV money for a CDM, CB and squad player/winger, and I don't think many would complain starting off 2013-14.. As long as he's at Napoli and not an another club, I'll harbor some hopes it could happen, albeit Damaio, Higuain, Benteke all more realistic of course..

    • Hi Loki. It's an interesting point keeping Suarez now that he appears to be fishing to leave. Normally you're right but look at the Tevez situation at City - they kept him and he performed.

      If the quotes are to be believed, then Suarez has said that if he remains at the club he will continue to give his all. If he's a man of his word, then I see no reason to sell him.

    • So has Suarez handed in a Transfer Request? If thats so then he's worth more than Torres he's gotta go for no more than £70m. £40m would be an insult.. he's better than Torres and if Bale is worth £85m then Suarez must be worth around the same..

    • Was Torres wanting out or did the the club force a move?

    • Personally I'd like to see the dust settle before we start shopping around. Yes the quotes in the press don't look too good, but then again is this the first time we've seen quotes come out in the foreign press that look one way when the reality is quite the opposite?

      However being pragmatic, while I'd prefer that Suarez stays, if in fact he wants out, then we let him go in exchange for a healthy transfer fee. He is currently our best player, however an unhappy player is rarely a productive player. If he does go, I'd say the fee would be closer to 50M, add in the 15M for Carroll plus 10 for other sales, and we're at 75M before the owners kick in. That is more than enough to bring in an adequate replacement, and still have money left over to fill other holes in the squad, and build some depth.

      But the numbers work the other way as well, so we don't need to sell him to improve the squad. I know some moan about the owners not putting in enough cash, but if Suarez stays we have a proven 20+ goal scorer up front, and if your numbers are correct (and I'd say they are there or there about's) we'd still have 50M to improve the squad, which is not a bad kitty.