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  • Jason Jason Jun 3, 2013 15:50 Flag

    This is a DEBACLE!

    On top of all the non stop speculation with Suarez and if he stays/goes, if we sell or don't, Daniel Sturridge has bad ligament damage could face up to 4 months out of action, which would be until earliest of mid-late September. This leaves us with Fabio Borini as # 1, and presumably Iago Aspas once that is made official.

    If Suarez should stay, which I really have my doubts over, he's still banned another 6 games, meaning late September for him is as well, so yet again, even during the Torres era, we're faced with a dilemma of where goals are going to come from up top.. No matter what you think about BR, you've got to feel a bit of sympathy for the guy and facing this issue to start 2 seasons in a row.

    Considering that Suarez will miss 6 games, and the fact that we may hold out for 50M, or entertain 40M and a swap for Higuain, I'd really be inclined to say it's not the worst business in the world anymore.. Higuain has said he will not stay at Madrid and wants to go elsewhere, so for 40 + him, we could make out like bandits, and still have 60-70 to spend after other sales and funds provided.

    Ultimately, this is a damn shame for Sturridge because he would have had his chance to open a season fit and as a starting # 9, in a vastly improved squad, and now we don't know how his season will go. While Borini showed alot of life and encouragement at the end of the season, he's going to have to make massive leaps this summer, and be relied upon, if not, he'll be shipped out in January. This summer just isn't an option.

    End of the day, I'm really torn on the Suarez sale issue, but if I'm leaning towards keeping him, the one positive for us is that Fail Madrid have made Edinson Cavani their # 1 priority this summer along with Bale, and Cavani's Father said Madrid is his # 1 choice if he leaves Napoli. Suarez is # 2

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    • Well I see Suarez has spat the dummy again today. He just needs to go now and cross fingers that the price is nice and juicy. I've lost patience with him. For me I'd wish we could go about our business quietly, build our business and scare other sides the old fashioned way. Basically by giving them a good drubbing and playing really good football while we're at it. Maybe then the Suarez's and Torres's of the world might look back and wonder.

      Aspas is due any day for his medical so that's a start.

      A couple of other names being touted too such as Papadopoulos from Shalke and Ajax's Toby Alderweireld. We'll see.

    • Strange that none of u mentioned the fact that Andy C is still technically an LFC PLAYER ? In our hour of need, comethe the hour cometh THE MAN ? Please please please dont tell me Borini is a better option in the middle.

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      • Actually Colin I do see Borini as potentially a better option over Carroll. Leading the line with a player like Courtinho pulling the strings requires someone with mobility who can flirt between running the channels or popping up in the box, and most importantly can interchange between the number 10 as well as those out wide. I can't say Fabio is the ideal player for that role, because as I've said before I've just not seen enough of him, but I really don't think Carroll is the ideal player, because I've seen plenty of him.

        The other issue is what happens after September. Assuming Suarez is back, or we bring in a top quality replacement with the funds Suarez could bring in, and add in Sturridge to the mix and we have Carroll who at best represents an impact player from the bench. I'm not sure that is a role Andy wants as I'm sure he'll want regular football to make his case he should be going to Brazil next summer, and nor do we really want a super sub costing us the amount we're paying Andy to basically sit and wait in case we need a plan B.

    • It does seem like the the football gods are yet again looking to start us off in yet another season opener in a storm. If the Prem computer kicks out an August and September fixture list like last season, I'll start to think some of those conspiracy theorists who think the FA have it in for us might have a point.

      However, better to know this now, rather than have a striker crisis in late August like last summer. Whether its a matter of us waiting for Daniel and Luis to contribute, or its bringing in cover this summer, we have time to plan. If it means Borini has to step up, well that is what a 3rd choice (which is what he is right now) striker has to do. Mind you, maybe one of your other favorites might also get a chance to shine, if BR takes the same path he did last season by giving youth a chance, and we'll see if Yesil is ready to step up to the senior squad.

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      • Dave, one issue to point out, Yesil tore his ACL towards the end of this season, so he's likely to not be seen in any competitive football matches for several more months.

        I don't watch as much of the reserves, or read as much as I used to, but from reading various blogs it seems to me that alot do not rate Morgan very highly at all, and say he's pretty lightweight. I personally had never been impressed with him, even during last year's US Summer tour, so the only other one, and one I'd want to see is Krisztian Adorjan, who I was surprised never played Sr football this past season. I find him very impressive, but obviously he's not the answer atm.

        As you know, I'm usually pretty much half glass full and positive, aside from sarcasm, but could you imagine the horror if Borini suffered another injury this offseason with Italy or in training?

    • Well its not set in stone how long Sturridge is out for just speculation at the moment. Suarez wants to go then let him. Borini will prove that he is the player BR said he was or it will prove that we should get rid. He won't have a better chance to shine!!

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      • Agreed Andrew.. Nobody was impressed with him, not even me, after I had given him good reviews as a Serie A watcher, and from the US tour, but, when he made his surprise return at the end of this past season, he looked a new player. Scored a clever goal, hit the post twice, and showed great movement and skill, so I think a full / healthy summer, and acclimation with the squad, along with confidence will do him the world of good. People forget he's only 21..