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    Midfield Goal Magician


    Probably jynxed the guy, assuming that it happens.. I'd normally dismiss this one, but it's being spoken about openly on the American Airwaves, and it's seemed in the past year or so, the more open they talk on our Fox Soccer here, the closer they really are, so I'm going to keep open to it. I had also dismissed it as a rumor earlier in the season because I just didn't like it, but after seeing Champions League I had a better chance to view..

    We're linked with a 20M move for Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Shakhtar Donetsk. They seem to produce 1 big buy/player every year who moves on, often rumored to Chelsea, ie - last year Willian who ended up going to Russia for a zillion euros instead.. Anyways, he's 24, and sorta resembles Eden Hazard a bit, has incredible speed and change of direction. He scored 25 goals this past season playing from the #10 spot, which is phenomenal. I think I was against him for the price and being so focused on strikers, but having seen how advanced he can play, and almost resembles a striker, as well as a wide player from both sides,has made me change my tune. The reports here (ESPN / FOX) say, that FSG are not opposed to his price tag, nor would it impact any money devoted to other players, or from potential sale of Suarez, should it happen.

    Anyways, it's on the rumor list on the LFC page, I chose a video to highlight his actual movement, speed and overall play. Some would say they're happy with Coutinho in that spot, but if we can keep him left, and add this guy as a sit behind the striker, and add Iago Aspas wide right, which I'm expecting in a week or so, that could be dynamite, assuming any of our strikers still have all their limbs opening day..


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    • Certainly seems to like to get into the box, and seems to have great pace to get him there quickly. Actually the highlight reel reminds me a bit of some of the footage of Borini we saw last summer (don't blow a gasket Colin!), and with that being said I'm wondering if the strategy is not to replace or provide competition for Coutinho, but more build up a stable of false number 9s who can all play across the front line. Might put a slightly different perspective on our potential striker crisis early doors next season.