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  • andy w andy w Jun 8, 2013 13:19 Flag

    "Ayre can't make European promise"

    Talk about motivational, I wondered when this statement would be wheeled out !
    The old temper expectations so our aspirations aren't too high for next season.
    What next, "Hopefully with a bit of luck we'll not find ourselves in a relegation dogfight " FFS !!!

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    • To be fair I'd not read too much into this statement from Ayre. I'd go along with Jason in that I'd rather he either did not make a statement, or if he must (because he's answering a direct question) try not not putting his foot in his mouth by either promising top 4 and elevating expectations, or doing what he did which makes us look lets say less than ambitious in the short term. But end of the day, Ayre in the man wearing the suit, making sure the business side of LFC runs well, but he is not the one most likely to impact what goes on down on the pitch. That responsibility is with BR and the players themselves.

      But I'd also point out, that IA seems to be a rather easy target for some, and I'm not sure that is entirely fair. He's the one who gets the blame for last summers transfers not going through, but is it really his fault that there was not enough money in the kitty? If its fair to have a go at him for one transfer window, surely we should give him praise for another, for example bringing in Courtinho for a song.

      But if I'm in the mood to give IA a little credit, why not actually look at what his actual job is and ask is he doing a good job with that? Ian brought us Standard & Charter, brought us Warrior (okay some don't like the kit designs) and a host of other sponsorship deals that have turned a club in severe debt and on the brink of receivership to a stable going concern. He may not be the best to hang a quote on, and maybe someone should have the job of jumping in front of him every time a microphone is put in his face, but as far as his day job, not sure we have much to complain about.

    • Maybe Ayre could make European promise.. if LFC spent huge sums on truly world class players..however can't see that happening..

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      • He shouldn't really be saying it either way.. He shouldn't come out and say one thing, or the other, and let that talk come from our players and Manager, which Rodgers has done, along with several current players. Aiming for not only top 4, but "top 3" and contending.. It's a little disheartening.

        I can understand tempering expectations, but clearly everyone was pretty excited as we hit the home stretch and our style of play, plus what we'd seen from Coutinho and Sturridge, with others raising their games. With new recruits, it will only get better, but that said, I find it to be poor timing and in poor taste. Granted he may have been asked the question, but a man in his position should be saying something different, or eluding it.. He screwed the pooch in the summer with signings, particularly Dempsey, and he really has the knack for saying some uncanny things.. I'm tired of him.

    • But Mr Ian Ayre, we supporters are looking forward to next season with a reasonably eager expectation of further progress to the very promissing improvements made by the Club in terms of playing staff quality and style of performance on the field of play particularly as demonstrated during the latter half of the last season. If these improvements can be maintained and sustained, then a top four finish would seem to be quite manageable. England and LFC expects!