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  • benjamin benjamin Jun 9, 2013 20:44 Flag

    Oscar or Coutinho

    I was watching the international friendly Brazil vs. France and the commentators were mostly saying about Oscar did this and Oscar did that. But as a Liverpool fan I thought Coutinho is a lot better.
    Tell me who you think is better and why in the comments!!!

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    • Interesting timing, considering Oscar scored in the match.. I think the commentators were speaking about Oscar because he completed an entire season in England, as well as competing in Champions League, primarily as a starter and key player for them..

      To be honest, they are both fantastic players, and I think they might be compared because of size and stature, but have different qualities. If Coutinho had been on Liverpool all season, he may well have been the name on everyone's lips, but he did fantastic in his short time there.

      I think Oscar will score more goals, he's really got an eye and scored some wonder shots, and Coutinho seems to have eyes on the side of his head, and passing ability that's something rarely seen. End of the day, Coutinho could be better as an all around player, but I wouldn't be upset if someone said Oscar is at the moment.. I'm very happy / excited with Philippe and his future!!