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  • Loki Loki Jun 12, 2013 18:10 Flag

    At least 4 more players

    According to Buck (this could include Aspas) we are going to be signing 4 more players - a striker, 2 cb's and an attacking midfielder. This is good but I am certain we need another left back as well.

    Has anybody else read this the same as me, and do you think we have other priorities?

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    • I've not seen any direct quotes suggesting what our priority list is, however I'd doubt anyone at the club (anyone who actually knows that is) is likely to publish the shopping list, even with names left off.

      For me its one thing to identify what we need right now, but we also have to consider who is going out the door to raise funds, because we're looking to upgrade, because they need loan to improve, or because they want an exit themselves.

      If everyone stays, then for me, one CB, one LB, and one striker, in that order is the priority. If Skrtel goes then we'll need a 2nd CB to come in. If Downing and or Assaidi go, then a winger, and if we're shopping for an attacking midfielder, then someone is likely to be moving on, either for good, or on a loan period.