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  • Loki Loki Jun 12, 2013 18:13 Flag

    Target: 20 extra goals in the league

    By my reckoning this would mean us scoring 91 goals this coming season - a big ask by anyone's standards. I'm not a negative git like some of us on here, but is Rodgers setting himself up for a fall by saying such things? And where would these goals come from? Perhaps he should be talking about goal difference instead??

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    • Where did you see this Loki, as my first reaction was the goal difference also, so wondering if something got lost in translation. Actually improving the GD might not be unrealistic, as we gave away some silly goals last term and actually did worse in our goals against compared with the season before, and if we can get the midfield to chip in a few more goals over the full season, I can see us getting at least 10 more at the other end.

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      • Not lost in translation unless it was reported incorrectly. I don't remember where I saw it - check out the mirror, mail and echo websites. On the goals against last season, we conceded 3 more, which considering the changes, was no difference in the scheme of things - particularly as we got more points. Of course we could have done better but ........

    • You are absolutely right Loki, I watched BR saying it myself on LFCTV. He might as well call it an extra 43 once we sell Suarez! :O. Aspas scored 12 and 7 assists compared to Downings 3 goals and 5 assists, so there is a substantial increase. This guy Mchtykriantyrianytian scored 25 goals, no idea how many assists. Surely that is a good start?! Plus, we expect Coutinho and Sturridge to nab a few over the season, I seriously think he means just that many more goals, not goal difference, of course, this is all based on Suarez staying........