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  • Jason Jason Jun 12, 2013 19:37 Flag

    Liverpool Will Most Likely Asquiesce..

    Please note, I am not saying this will happen, but there's a very strong possibility we all may as well prepare and get resigned to the fact that Liverpool have internally begun to consider letting Suarez leave.

    There has been NO official offer, just the rumors, but after Suarez repeated comments how he feels he can no longer stay in England because of how it's affecting his family and personal life, there is very little that can be done to stop it. He's has spoken highly of the city, club and supporters, but is absolutely set on a move, with Spain his preferred destination (wife spends summers in Barcelona), so Madrid seem likely.

    LFC won't let him leave easily nor seek this out, but they will hold for the whole of his release clause w/ some saying is as low as 35M, but closer to 40M. Both a joke if you ask me, he's worth not a penny less than 50M.

    Anyways, IF / WHEN an official offer comes in, it's expected that he will turn in an official transfer request, and LFC may reluctantly proceed to find the best solution. Again, I am not stating what will happen, but what I think may happen, and under good information. Like it, or hate it (I'm starting to get tired of it), this is the reality because you can't keep a player who is this unhappy. Suarez is only going to be miserable, get treated worse everywhere he goes outside of Liverpool, and not beyond him to do something else..

    I guess at this point, it's worth considering who/what to do with 40M+ .. For me, if they can add 2 world class players, which can be done, so be it. I wish this wasn't even a conversation because he has the ability to be a Liverpool and EPL legend, but the sideshow has gotten to be too much and it's almost inevitable now..

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    • I think he's engineering a move and someone who has links with Madrid have quietly spoken in his ear. Dropping subtle hints and basically rocking the boat so they get him Remember Modric? Same there and he got it in the end. We need to stay firm and make sure they pay through the nose for him

      Let them deal with all his baggage as I think we as a club no longer need his games. I'm tired of trying to defend this guy when all he does is digs holes.

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      • I don't know about engineering a move. You could be right, as the press reports of what he's said do not look good. This last one in particular seems to be rather detailed on why he feels victimized by the British press.

        However, I would add a note of caution. This time of year we know the press have little no football to write about, so will turn every comment, every rumor every idea they get into a full blown story. He may very well want a move, but personally I try to avoid judgement until I see something official. It's one thing to say "every footballer (remember he's from Latin America) would consider playing for Real Madrid" but quite another to actually put in a transfer request.

    • Just one thing on the 35m to 40m buy out Jason. I think you'll find that this is the amount a team has got to offer to get to talk to him not what LIVERPOOL have to take. If you'd asked me before his ten game ban would i want to see him go...You would have got a great big NO!

      Now i couldn't give a rats #$%$ let him go and bring in players to strengthen the team. And with the amount we should get i think we can : )

    • There is no doubt that Suarez is a great talented. He is arguably one of the most talented footballer we have had over the last 20 or so years but talented he might be, the guy is also a nut case. There is definitely something wrong with the guy upstairs, what player in his right mind bites other players (not once but twice and I am positive it will happen again). And then after Liverpool have bended over backwards to defend his indefensible actions he then turns around and issues a get me plea to a team that have not even officially said they want him. Real would be stupid to spend 40 million on a guy so volatile and so unpredictable, they already have a prima donna in Ronaldo, can they afford a nut case as well. It is obvious they are smitten with Bale and I doubt they will look to sign both. Suarez has just burnt his bridges with most LFC fans and I for one will be happy to see the back of him. Sell him I say, no player is worth this much aggravation.

      Guy also needs psychological help.

    • Jason, you might be right but imo we should do everything we can to hold on to him. First off, while it might be possible to get in two very good players with the money we get for him, the fact is 20 plus goal strikers just don't grow on tree's and no matter how much you spend you don't get a guaranteed return. Suarez has proven over multiple seasons he can get the job done. Some young players, and players new to the league can shine because defenders don't know what they are going to do, and give the impression they are top class. In the case of Suarez he's been around long enough that defenders know exactly what he's going to do, but they still can't stop him, which for me is the bar for being called world class.

      For me it seems clear the family is the key to the situation. It seems Suarez as you said is happy with the club and the city, and you can tell he's fine on the pitch and the training ground, but the issue is when he goes home to the family. Maybe the answer is with the support the family gets from those around them. For example, keeping Coates might help as they along with Lucas's family seem to be close. Coates might not want to stay if he can't get first team football, but maybe a loan deal in the North West might work to keep that support network in place. Far fetched maybe, but how about another Uruguayan player (and family) coming in? Think you know who I'm thinking about!

      But finally, end of the day, if he wants out, there is not a lot we can do. A happy Suarez, no matter the antics, is worth his weight in gold, but if his mind is made up, then I doubt we'll get anywhere near his production on the pitch if we force him to stay. I don't know the details of this so called release clause, but I doubt what is reported is correct either, since stories are all over the map. I've also heard 35 or 40 in the number. But I've also read its not a release clause, just a starting bid that forces the club to talk if an offer is put on the table.

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      • Hi Dave,

        It's not a matter of me being right, or wrong, I was actually posting all of that under very good information. (who and how is irrelevant) And, while I may be wrong in the end, I usually don't post these things, as you know, unless I feel the need to.

        I wish it hadn't come to this, and I really have to disagree, as much as I love him as a player, teammate, and how he adores the fans, the game and his training. But at the same time, he has let all of those people/things down, now on 4 occasions counting this saga, and the longer it drags out, the harder it is for Rodgers to conduct his summer business.

        You can't keep a player who is this unhappy. Other players have been forced to stay at many clubs, but he's literally made it now uncomfortable for himself with Liverpool and all that surrounds the club, along with everywhere he goes in England. Torres was far less of a problem and I was one who vehemently said keep him, and ironically, if his form had continued with Suarez having joined, we'd be in a different world right now. I think (and no means to put words in your mouth), you were one to say no player is bigger than the club and to sell Torres, so my guess is you obviously like Suarez like most of us and just trying to give the measured counter view..

        Just ask yourself this question, (and of course I'd love the dream of getting cash to buy Cavani), the longer this drags on, how will Rodgers figure out what other pieces he needs, how much to spend on them, and then what/who to replace Suarez with when an offer comes in along with a transfer request? This is going to become a nightmare, and let's say he stays for now, it will worsen in January .. There's really no disputing that, and seriously, give it some thought as to how you'd conduct your summer business not knowing when the guy is going to force his way out the door. You can't work like that, and you can't support a group/team properly in that environment..

    • Damn typo.. Yes, I know the word is spelled acquiesce.. I'm an idiot, but at least I didn't bite anyone.. yet.