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  • Colyn Colyn Jun 13, 2013 14:07 Flag

    Simon Mignolet

    Just read a message about some possible agreement on the cards for Simon Mignolet, the Sunderland goal keeper. I wonder what, if anything is going on there? What does it mean with Reina?

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    • Welcome Simon Mignolet, you are an ugly fella and nowhere near as cool as Pepe, hopefully you are better at catching beachballs and indeed, catching footballs. Seriously though, I think the situation is that BR knows that Pepe will only leave us for Barca, that will happen and we shouldnt begrudge him as he has been very loyal to us and a great servant. Mignolet had an outstanding year and is a player on the up, he wanted to move this summer and Arsenal amongst others would have made a move soon enough. We might be buying him slightly prematurely with Pepe likely to stay another season before replacing Victor Valdes, but we wanted to make sure we got the right man for when the inevitable happens.

      Either way, if he gets to spend a year working with Pepe, that can only be good in terms of transition, it isnt as simple as just switching players, it really is a very different way of playing for a keeper into our system. There is always the possibility that Barca will try to sell Valdes still this summer regardless of whether he wants to see out his contract, in which case Pepe's sale will cover the Mignolet outlay, we won't be held to ransom trying to get a replacement and we might have a strong bargaining position for exchanging something exciting from the Catalans.

    • Mignolet confirmed. Wow we're flying at this early stage. How good it will all be is another matter but at least they'll get a whole preseason together.

      let the Reina bandwagon begin I guess

    • Definitely coming it seems

      £11m and due for a medical very soon.

      Reina staying too unless there's a bid from Barca of course

    • Funny enough, I just asked the question to my friend, though there is nothing concrete or in quotes that I've seen.

      The only quotes we have heard are from both Reina and Rodgers, that he's happy and staying at Liverpool. Obviously everything these days needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, but Reina actually seems genuinely happy with life in Liverpool and has said numerous times, he's pleased with the progress and how they just need to add players, and kick on from the end of this past season.

      The real reason I'm temporarily dismissing this is because if Reina does stay, there's no reason for Mignolet to move, especially considering he is fighting neck to neck with Thibault Courtois of Atletico (loan for chelski) to be the #1 keep for Belgium.. Coming in as a back up or open competition, isn't in his best interest. Also, I think Valdes may stay at Barca one more year, unless Monaco offer a hard to resist offer, since Valdes won't re-sign for an extension.. From quick reads, Valdes seems set to stay there until 2014..