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    If YOU were Brendan Rodgers..

    The point of this is to think exactly as if you were Brendan Rodgers, right now, today, the manager of Liverpool, and not you, or what you would do from your thoughts / heart..

    This saga drags out into mid-late July, and he's made it abundantly clear he desparately wants to leave, what do you (Brendan Rodgers, not your heart) do?

    You know there aren't an abundance of strikers out there in the market of that type of quality, never are, BUT there are ones you like very much as an admirer such as: Leandro Damiao, Gonzalo Higuain, Christian Benteke, Alexis Sanchez, Robert Lewandowski (Polish POWER!!), all of whom are very good goal scorers, young, established, and have competed at the highest levels, as well as being affordable and having the option to use the other money on a top class attacking midfielder or wide player, and another CDM or CB, do you really just drag your fee through the sand, begging and pleading him to stay?

    Do you ignore those players, who all have their current situations in doubt, w/ rumored moves across the board, risk missing every single one of them, and risk getting to the point of being caught in a rock and hard place? This is play Russian Roullette here..

    2 top players are better than one, and while he's spectacularly brilliant on his day, you can presumably add 40 goals to compensate for his 23. Granted he Champions League comes into play, so substiute any names you like, Damiao who wants to play in the EPL ..

    In the movie 127 hours, James Franco has his arm pinned between a rock, and cuts it off to survive.. Do you cut off your arm now and replace it, or risk going on into late July with 1 arm? (Think Tevez golfing in Argentina mid season while being a City player in protest) I could see Luis doing something like that..

    Devils Advocate.

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    • He has a nasty situation to deal with, no doubt. Liverpool have said a number of times 'he is not for sale', if he doesnt put a transfer request in, which he hasn't as yet, then the bids are somewhat irrelevant. Incidentally, nobody has bid yet, so there is no problem, Real Madrid haven't exactly highlighted him as a priority, whilst he is basically on his knees in front of them with lipstick on and his t1t5 hanging out.

      Now, assuming the transfer request comes and then too the bid from Real, then I would sell him for anything around that £45m mark, we wont see the best of him next year if we keep him after his ridiculous outbursts. As Dave etc, said below, perhaps we need to have a face to face with him, hell, why not fly to Brazil and speak to the little git there?

      We will not likely be able to get a player as good as him back in (after all, he is probably top 5 on the planet) but we should get 2 really strong players that could become collectively better. Anybody be too upset if we ended up with Mario Gomez and Toby Alderweireld with plenty of change from his sale fee?

    • Jason IO issue statements to the press that my preference is to retain the services of Louis Suarez at all costs then sit back and wait for advances from interested clubs before issuing another statement to the effect that I very reluctantly accept that I may have to accept that Louis Suarez still wishes to leave the club then wait as te interested parties PSG REAL MADRID MONACO JUVE BAYERN maybe City start to circle in the hope of snaring his signature on a contract with them..then start to push for top price while eyeing the top striker talent out there that will compliment my style of play . Sound like a plan ? I basically would like to see Suarez sstay and tough it out withthe hope of redemming himself via outstanding play next season and an impeccably polite attitude toward all both on and off the pitch but that s not what u asked for..so I gave u what I would do were i BR.

    • I assume your talking abut the Suarez situation, so I'll expand on what I've already posted.

      First off it may go without saying I'm glad I'm not BR. However BR does have some advantages. First off he knows the man as he's spent almost everyday of the last year with him. So he's not relying on what is being printed in the press, but first hand information.

      Therefore my first move would be to get the facts. Maybe he already knows them, but if not he either waits till Luis is back at Melwood, or he books a flight to whatever beach Suarez is sitting on right now. He then speaks to him directly. He's fluent in Spanish, knows the man so basis the decision on real information, not via the filter of the press or agents.

      It's then really a simple process. If Suarez wants to stay ( or can be convinced to stay) he stays, if not, we sell for the highest amount we can get, and do it sooner rather than later.

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      • DSeer's right. See what the real situation is, which I'm sure he knows already.

        After that, if the press are right then we play hard ball for the right fee. I don't want him anywhere near Anfield if he continues to play up, no matter how good he is. Sell now, get the fee and work on getting the squad up to level. There are strikers out there, believe me.

      • Dave like u post ...defo with uon speaking face to face..and also if to be sold sooner rather than later and of course for the highest possible amount..I have this sneaking suspicion that there might not be a rush for hois signature as other clubs mùay be wary of his erratic nature and so just maybe he will be with us next season..which I WOULDNT BE IN ANY WAY DISPLEASED ABOUT.