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  • benjamin benjamin Jun 14, 2013 22:40 Flag

    Aspas, really?

    I know Aspas is a talented player but couldn't Liverpool do a lot better. What about Mario Gomez and stuff better players we know we can rely on to deliver instead of someone we hope can deliver. Don't you agree?

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    • Sorry Ben can't agree with this, and think Hobbs and Colyn are more on the right track. Fact is we just don't have what it takes to attract the biggest names, that being CL football, and or (although in most cases and) lot's of money. Therefore we're going for good players who are likely to have more in the locker that we can take advantage of as the develop.

      But I'm not sure that is such a bad thing. Sure it would be nice to collect the biggest names in the game, but even that is not a sure fire way to success. We have to get out of our heads that the only way forward is to bring in the next biggest name from last season. Put it this way, honestly how many on here had heard of Coutinho before we brought him in? Even those who had heard of him, how many of those really thought a player who could not make the AC starting line up and had been farmed out to a bottom half side in Spain would do what he's done?

      Now not every little known player we go for will work out as Philippe. Some may flop, some may take a while to bed in, but that is the market we have to play in. Going for any player no matter how well they've done in the past, no matter how big their name is will not guarantee success. However going for players who have done very well at smaller clubs, or in slightly lessor leagues, maybe able to step up, and provide the quality we need, and on a budget we can handle. And, if they don't work out, its a heck of a lot better to take a loss of 7 or 8M rather than the 20 or 30M or even more the big names will demand, plus of course the 150K plus a week they'll be on for the next 3 years, whether they perform or not.

    • I disagree completely, he looks a cracking little player. 12 goals this season and scored or created 51% of his teams goals. Scored 23 the year before to fire Celta to promotion. He plays as an inside forward so predominantly on the wing, he works his nuts off and is absolutely lightening quick. Most of his transfer fee will be offset by the Downing sale (which will happen) whilst the rest will be more then made up with the wages offset. Very shrewd business in my eyes.

    • Cant afford them either. The wage bill is still way above our current level. We're like the really fat cat that does nothing but eats everything.

    • I think the cold hard truth is that, without regular CL football our hopes of attracting the likes of Gomez are long gone. The market we are dealing in are 1) talented players with unlocked potential (Coutinho), 2) flawed geniuses (Suarez), 3) freebies that no other major teams are chasing (Toure/Cole).

      Whether we can get to where we want with the above depends very much on the strength of our existing squad plus home grown talent (and whether we can get to the CL positions quick enough to hang onto the stars that we unearth).

      The talk of us selling Suarez to fund the likes of Cavani is just whistling in the wind I'm afraid. Why would Cavani or any other top star come to Liverpool over Utd, City, Chelsea, Madrid, Barca, Inter, Munich etc.?

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      • The Aspas deal has nothing to do with LIVERPOOL. Its something to do with the paperwork that has to be done at the end of this month. From what i've read this is normal and LIVERPOOL expect no problems.

        As for us not being able to bring the big stars to us because of no CL. I see Monaco havn't done too bad out of no CL LOL. You just need money and thats what the sale of Suarez will give us!!

      • Paddy agree with u...and now it looks like we wont even land this lad Aspas as a result of Ayre YET AGAIN being unable to do his job...when are the owners going to send this loser down the road ? Surely as busines men they can find somebody a bit more competent ? I mean this clown started to deal with the players brother how come he didnt know about the players official connections with two other agents ? Surely he could have made the pertinent enquiries via the Spanish FA before being caught with his keks round his ankles yet again in the transfer market ? GET RID OF THIS CRETIN !

      • true very true

    • When I said ' stuff ' I meant other people :P