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  • Jason Jason Jun 16, 2013 20:35 Flag

    Next in Line..

    (Wish this lad were older, but good nonetheless) "Livepool have reached a three year agreement with Barcelona’s 16-year-old striker Sergi Canós, the player is set to join the Merseyside club starting next season."

    - An announcement this week should be made on Luis Alberto for about 7-8M euros from Sevilla, after 11 goals and 17 assists with Barca B on loan. Very exciting attacker. He'd seem a backup/foil for Coutinho.

    - I'd expect Aspas (Ayre's idiotic dealing with non Fifa sanctioned agents) to get sorted this week, or they most likely wouldn't have put it on the LFC site. Figure 7-8M.

    - Tiago Llori, CB from Sportig, The clubs are haggling over 4M or 6M. He's considered a future starter in the Portugal defense, and is probably better suited than Coates. (English born too)

    - (have my reservations because fee is so high, but love it) "Supposedly" close to reaching a deal for around 20-22M on Henrikh Mkrtchyan from Shakhtar. 25 goals 11 assists last year, can play CAM, 10, wide either side or false 9, AND with Armenia, scored a brace in Denmark (vs Eriksen) where they shocked 4-0.

    Then we just need a new # 9, another defensive midfielder, and 1 more CB such as Alderweirdeld. Not sure on the Mignolet thing unless the plan is just to sell Reina.. Seems a real story, just didn't expect it..

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    • where do u get the transfer gossip from????

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      • A lot of this stuff is well publicized now, and can be read anywhere. But I spend a lot of time researching, and every now and again (last summer) I become privy to a thing or two. I also read Spanish, so I spend time focusing on Spanish and S. American news.. I only focus on what I personally believe true, the rest I ignore

        Interesting tidbit on Mkhitaryan:
        "Not only did he score 25 goals in the league for Shakhtar, (league record) he also covered more ground than any other player, during his club’s Champions League run last season, (knocked out in round of 16!!) which is a truly remarkable feat, considering that players of his ilk are often blamed of having a poor work-rate."

        Outside of UCL, I really didn't know anything, and I'm truly excited about perhaps getting him. He seems like he's a genuine, world class player, similar to Coutinho, and reminiscent of when we signed a player of the likes of Suarez' caliber..

    • They are definitely the current stories knocking around, Canas should slip straight into the reserves, Aspas should take Downings position, Illori looks likely to happen and as you say should be a Coates replacement. Mkytrichianythihyrecrayan has a great record this season, ridiculous nabbing 25 from 36 games in midfield. There is still talk of it being a mask for an Eriksen bid, either way, I will be happy.

      Mignolet shocked me a bit as it seemed likely that Reina would stay another year. The Alderweireld/Papadopolous deals look likely to swing on the future of Skrtel, I am pretty neutral all round with the 3 of them, I am a big Skrtel fan but the other 2 look better ball players. Agger and Alderweireld would be awesome in possesion but natural blends? Who is to say.

      Sadly, all I can say is, if we are to lose Suarez and Reina then bring in what looks to be 5+ 1st team starters, it will be very difficult to make the top 4 this season.

    • One concern, and maybe you are picking things up but have not posted here, is the lack of a LB being linked with us. I'm happy with Jose, but other than striker I think his is now one are of the pitch where we have the least depth. Also, I'll be interested in what the deal looks like for Canos. I know little to nothing about the lad, however bit wary of taking young players from Barca as they often include a buy back clause (if they are any good) or can end up flattering to deceive but be a little light weight for football on the bigger stage. Do you know if he'd ran his contract down forcing Barca to sell, or if Barca decided he was surplus to requirements?

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      • I don't have any information for you on a left back, though I agree it's an area we would hope to create depth, unless Robinson has made good strides, or a potential CB might be able to double up there.

        In regards to Sergi Canos, all I do know is that he is supposed to make something like 600K, which was said to be triple what Barca offered. Whether he jumped for the money alone, or there is a buy back clause, I don't know, all I know is what's above and that the Spanish sources describe him as "oozing with class". Going by that, sounds like a Sterling / Coutinho who can jump up rapidly..

    • Jason...dont want to rain on u parade but all this about "great workrate" Kuyt had a superb workrate before he arrived to us and scored plenty in Holland but most of his time with us he never managed to score too often whereas the most lazy looking striker I ever saw was also the most prolific and scored MANY goals with spectacular strikes too that man's name is Jimmy Greaves.

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      • Colin,
        Not really raining on anyone's parade, but I find your comment a bit bizarre, since I posted something I found surprising/interesting, in addition to what everyone highlights about this kid's skills and talent. Should I be posting negative things about him? Besides, I copied/pasted the quote..

        There's no comparison between this kid and Kuyt, because aside from work rate, a poacher in the box, and putting a good, hard shift for 90" when/where needed, Kuyt really wasn't that great, whereas this kid has bags of pace, plays any front position including striker, is only 24, broke his league's scoring record while also dishing off 11 assists, 4 times player of the year, and is now being followed by Dortmund, Ajax, clubs in Spain and France, after they've heard the fee needed. Wouldn't be surprised if he went to Dortmund, and we were all kicking ourselves seeing him in the CL next season..

        Your comment sounds a tad bit bitter, and as if you're comparing a Rafa buy, who perhaps didn't live up to billing, to a Rodger's buy you think will do the same. Neither manager of which you're fond of..